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Amazon Enhanced Brand Content or EBC refers to premium content, emphasizing the unique value proposition of product/s. Only Amazon-registered sellers can use this feature through images and text placements. It’s a relatively new feature with not enough data available on its performance. Owing to the research and our experience, we’ve found that EBC does work. It increases conversion rates leading to more sales for your business without extra effort or time spent away from what’s important. Below are 6 convincing reasons as to why you should invest in Amazon EBC Service.

Can all Amazon Sellers use EBC?

With Amazon EBC, it will be available for sellers who have been accepted into the program. This only applies when brands have signed up to use their original version of Brand Registry. In March 2017, however, they launched an updated 2.0 version that has more features and benefits. Companies that want this access must apply again by re-signing up with Amazon’s registry at http://amazonbrandregistry2_0_com. If approved, your information would go live on the site right away. So no waiting until further notice from Amazon is needed for products listed under these brands to appear on the website.

Despite the numerous benefits of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Service, brands are still hesitant and not investing in this feature. This is because it’s new, and there isn’t enough data to show its efficiency or effectiveness. Many sellers question if EBC works? Does it affect conversion rates? After many years of experience dealing with clients’ needs on our end, we know that Amazon EBC can take your conversions sky high and create more sales for you.

Buyers want visual content.

Shopping on e-commerce is a speedy process, so it’s essential to have a well-laid out and aesthetically pleasing page for shoppers to buy. Brands need only seconds to capture attention before the customer decides on whether or not they are interested in buying their product at that moment. This means focusing on how realistic the images are and the layouts displayed online. Listing pages created by Amazon Enhanced Brand Content allow businesses to create something truly unique instead of just having another generic website. The format will be able to include all marketing information, including branding strategy, which can influence conversions if done right.

Better product descriptions and layouts

Amazon has always been a bit of an obstacle for brands looking to innovate with their product descriptions. With Amazon’s new Enhanced Brand Content, the possibilities have opened up, and there is more opportunity than ever before. Brands can now play around with fancier layouts that offer customers better ways to explore products while also making them stand out against competitors.

Enriched details improve trust & loyalty.

Online shoppers are always on the lookout for new products, and they’ll go anywhere to find them. Some will turn to Amazon in search results, while others might be wary of brands that sell there. However, with EBC’s layouts shining, you can display high-quality pictures from every angle. This allows you to show your product features without a customer feeling rushed into making a decision.

The adage “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is especially true in the age of social media and consumers who have more options than ever. Brands need an attractive, creative image for their products or services and enough information about their business model that people can trust with both money and data. If customers like what they see once from your company, you should encourage them to return when it’s time for another purchase. This way, word-of-mouth advertising will reach other potential shoppers without costing anything out of pocket.

Conversion looks promising

EBC is a game-changer for brands wanting to increase sales on Amazon. This feature has garnered rave reviews from the marketing industry as it offers conversion rates of 10X more than the usual marketing content. Moreover, it costs less and has many similarities with EBC in terms of operating functions and features. If you’re looking to get your brand’s products out there, then hire an EBC service for the job.

Free For Amazon 2.0

Amazon Enhanced Brand content is free, but with a catch. As per our recommendation, the brand registry program is worth it if you have been experiencing issues with counterfeits in your marketplace. Amazon has yet to decide whether or not they will charge for EBC in the future. However, should such an event occur, there would be little need for concern as its advanced features are well-worth any cost associated therein, and this ROI could potentially increase customer loyalty towards your company’s product(s).

Implement granular optimization to listings

By using Amazon A+ content, sellers can create an all-inclusive, custom experience for their customers. They can upload various product layouts and select upgraded pictures that will provide higher resolutions than before to give buyers more details. This tool provides them with peace of mind knowing there is less chance of returning products since these upgrades encourage satisfied consumers who know exactly what they’re buying.

The Bottom Line

You can find Amazon enhanced brand content (EBC) in the advertising menu. Choose an SKU to get a page with information on EBC, select a template, and upload your images or text. You can preview it before submitting it for approval by clicking Preview & Submit at the bottom of the page. Once approved, you will be able to monitor how many views you have received in real-time as well. To not disappoint potential buyers waiting for more from their favorite brands like Nike, Adidas, and others who want exclusive designs, these companies should consider using this form of paid promotion until no associated costs are involved.

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