What is Amazon Enhanced Brand (A+) Content?

As of 2020, Amazon now allows brand registered sellers to create additional marketing content within their Amazon product listing.  The content is referred to as Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) or Amazon A+ Content.  These terms are used interchangeably in practice and within this article. Once you’ve answered the question of how to start an Amazon business and become brand registered, this extra real estate Amazon is offering within your listing should absolutely be utilized! In this article, we discuss how to optimize your listings with Amazon Enhanced Brand Content. Let’s dive in.

To reiterate, f you are brand registered Amazon seller, you should ensure each product page has powerful A+ Content.  This allows you to tell a story and describe your product features without the typical content restrictions that apply to the Product Title and Bullet Points.  In my experience, I’ve found that A+ Content is effective in boosting both traffic and conversion rates.   Your product listings are not considered complete unless you include premium enhanced brand content on your product detail pages.

Does A+ Content Help Amazon SEO?

Amazon is a conversion website.  Its optimization is based on turning traffic into orders and that’s precisely where A+ Content can help. Brands are able to highlight the unique value of their product and mirror an in-store shopping experience through A+ Content.  Having this capability through the detail page is exactly what makes A+ Content such a strong selling mechanism.

Note: it’s important to note that there is no evidence that the A+ Content actually affects a product’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Instead, the content is solely to enhance the user experience and educate the buyer by providing customers a 360-degree view of the product.  Amazon’s A9 algorithm may evolve to include SEO at a later date.

Amazon A+ Content Guidelines:

The following rules, restrictions and guidelines are currently in place for EBC content:

  • Amazon A+ Content manager will allow you to see a preview of both your desktop and mobile version on the same screen.
  • You will pay more for creating A+ Content for items, which are already listed by other sellers.
  • Once the page goes live, any changes or modification are allowed only within the first 2 business days of publishing.  
  • You are not allowed to mention your competitors or the products they sell on your pages.
  • The A+ Content that you submit (both text and images) must be unique.
  • Amazon has the right to take down your A+ Content page at any time. Typically, this only occurs when a seller chooses to close his or her account, fails to fulfill the orders on time, or violates the Amazon’s terms & conditions.

What is Premium A+ Content?

Through A+ Content you have the ability to include the following:

  • Integrated Video: High quality (720p) up to 3 minutes long
  • Enhanced Product Images and Visuals: Up to 7 modules that can be HD images
  • Enriched Customer Frequently Asked: Can address common questions around product through EBC layout
  • Interactive User Experience: Ability to have ‘hover-over’ photos that are responsive to a customer’s mouse and aid scroll-ability
  • Mobile and Voice Friendly Product Pages: These features can be integrated with Amazon Alexa.

Creating A+ Content

You want to ensure is that the customer fully understands a product’s use and key features.  A+ Content can help you accomplish this by providing greater opportunity to display product information through infographics.  Infographics can help answer questions a shopper may have about your products.  The key is to be pro-active in anticipating shoppers’ product information needs and questions when designing you’re A+ Content.

Key Mindset: Tell a Story

Examples of Effective Amazon EBC Content:

1. Modoker Laptop Backpack

Th A+ Content below offers a fantastic balance between text copy and product photography.  These infographics make clear the benefits of the product.


2. Greenbelly Meal To Go

This A+ Content example highlights both the product packing and nutrition ingredients in one well-place infographic.

3. Andobil Handsfree Smartphone Holder

This A+ Content clearly shows what products are compatible with the device and how it operates.

Seven A+ Content Best Practices

1. Emphasize your Unique Value Offer

Start by asking yourself a very simple question – What is my product’s Unique Value Offer?

Once you can confidently answer that question, ask yourself two more questions – What are the major benefits of using my product? How can my product help customers in their daily lives?

2. Keep Content Short and to the Point

Most shoppers will not want to read through a lot of text just to figure out if your product is right for their needs. Stick to short but precise content, which will tell shoppers quickly about the product and help them make a proper buying decision.  Be clear and brief in your product descriptions.

3. Combine Text and Images into Infographics

High-quality images are useful in conversions, but you can actually accomplish more by adding interesting text to your images to create powerful infographics that highlight your product’s benefits and features. Infographics are a highly effective marketing approach. Use infographics designed for skimmers who are searching for specific information rather than volumes of content.  Refer to the three examples above for well-designed infographics.

4. Leverage Reviews and Seller Questions for Content

Reviews written by your customers possess great value and you shouldn’t underestimate this.  Before creating an A+ Content, read through your customer reviews, as well as the ones posted on your competitors’ listings for similar products.  Doing this will provide a clear picture of the content your consumers want the most.

5. Ensure Content is High Resolution

To avoid having your content rejected by Amazon, make sure your images are uploaded with the correct resolution and size. Note that image requirements differ based on the module type you choose. Read the requirements every time you’re creating an image.

6. Use Brand Banners

Banners are one of the best ways to split your product’s detail page.   Banners display the detail page as a new segment to the buyer, attracts the buyer with HD images, and provides further information about the brand & product.

7. Favor Visuals over Text Content

A+ Content should be highly attractive to the viewer.  This is often accomplished by adding more visuals and less text. Text should be in simple terms and convey the message directly to a shopper. Also, maintain a proper balance of lifestyle product photos versus real product photos, a feature that highlights the ASIN.

Amazon A+ Photo Guidelines

  • Ensure brand colors are cohesive
  • Do not reuse photos from main image slots
  • Remain focused on the product, regardless of setting
  • Show Exact Moment when Main Benefit is Being Recognized

What Not to Do in A+ Content

  1. Do not use symbols or special characters like ™ or ®
  2. Do not try to make a single section about more than 1 product benefit
  3. Make sure to check the module’s requirements, such as image resolution and size
  4. Do not provide any contact information
  5. Do not include shipping information
  6. Do not use quotes from buyers (examples: references, reviews, etc.)
  7. Do not include low-quality images
  8. Never use the same product photo twice
  9. Do not mention guarantees or warranties
  10. Do not use unverifiable claims or opinions (examples: “Best” or “Only”)
  11. Do not use buzzwords (examples: “cutting-edge”, “sustainable” or eco-friendly
  12. Do not submit the content with grammatical errors or spelling mistake.  Ensure that a second set of eyes has proof-read the content before submitting it.

FBA Global Preferred A+ Content Tools and Services

Self Service – Helium 10

If you’re looking to use a tool to optimize your A+ content on your own, use Helium 10’s Scribbles & Frankenstein tools. These tools will track your listings and ensure you have a bevy of relevant keywords with a focus on Amazon SEO. See below for an example of the Frankenstein Listing Optimization Tool.

helium 10 review

For a detailed description of the Helium 10 Listing Optimization tools, check out our Helium 10 Review.

Professional Amazon A+ Content Service – Kenji ROI

Kenji ROI is a comprehensive Amazon listing service that specializes in Amazon Product Services. I really like these guys because they are built to think about the entirety of an Amazon listing. Unlike some services which are just copywriting or just Amazon product photogrpahy, Kenji ROI does it all. The team specializes in Amazon product listing optimization and knows the detail of what it takes to rank on Amazon.

Kenji ROI packages start at $497 and they are well worth the money.

If you have questions or need help creating Amazon A+ Content, leave a comment below or reach out to the FBA Global team.

For more information about how to craft a killer Amazon product listing, head over to our Product Listing section.

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