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Amazon announced several updates to their fees this week. These updated Amazon FBA Fees go into effect in June of this year.

A few Amazon FBA Fee Updates to highlight:

amazon fba fees update; June 2021
  • 2-3% increase in Fulfillment fees, on average.  This is dependent on the category you’re selling in.
  • Reduction of Returns Processing Fee for products in Apparel and Shoes categories
  • Launch of FBA Liquidations – allowing for cost recovery on overstocked items
  • Increase in removal and disposal fees

See below for a breakdown of all Fees adjustments announced (to be updated):

Fulfillment Fees

  • Amazon will implement moderate increase in fulfillment fees, about 2-3% on average, to reflect the changing costs of fulfillment, transportation, storage, and customer service. These increases are in line with or below industry average increases for fulfillment services.
  • Amazon are reducing the returns processing fee for customer-returned products in the Apparel and Shoes categories.Amazon are eliminating the returns processing fee for customer-returned products in the Watches, Jewelry, Luggage, Handbags, and Sunglasses categories.
  • Amazon are launching FBA Liquidations, with associated fees for this service, which will allow sellers the opportunity to recover value from their overstock and returned items instead of having the inventory returned or disposed of.
  • Amazon will eliminate the packaging weight adjustment to the rate card calculation.Amazon will increase removal and disposal fees to reflect the changing costs of these services.
  • Amazon are increasing the FBA manual processing fee for shipments received without box content information to reflect the increasing cost of providing this service.
amazon fba fee update; June 2021

See details of 2021 US Fulfillment by Amazon fee changes

Referral Fees

  • US referral fees Amazon will split Appliances into Full-Size and Compact categories, and reduce the fee for Full-Size Appliances to 8% while keeping the fee for the Compact category unchanged.
  • Amazon will raise the referral fee for the Personal Computers category from 6% to 8% to align with other electronic device categories.
  • Amazon will implement a supplemental 7% fee for products in the new Veterinary Diets pet food category to account for the cost of maintaining the veterinarian confirmation process. This does not apply to other pet food or supplies.
  • Amazon will implement a Renewed Program Fee for products sold within the Amazon Renewed program to account for the costs of the additional services offered to sellers.
  • All other referral fees will remain the same.

See details of 2021 US referral fee changes We’re sure there will be more information on the exact categories effected and how you can best prepare for the changes.  Stay tuned for more upcoming updates from FBA Global, your one-stop shop for all things Amazon FBA.

Amazon FBA Fee Calculator

Stuck on the topic of what are Amazon FBA fees? The FBA Global Amazon FBA Fees Calculator will help you out.  This template is designed to help you understand the profitability of each specific product on a per-unit basis. And that’s what unit economics is: your revenue, profit, and costs on a per-unit basis.

The spreadsheet will be useful if you already have a product (s) selling and for those who are just starting out in the Amazon FBA. Additionally, check out our original post on Amazon FBA Fees Explained for further detail on how Amazon charges you for using their platform.

For more free resources on how to start an Amazon FBA business, head over to our Guide to Selling and How to Start sections.

As always, feel free to contact FBA Global directly with any questions!

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