AMZ.One review - amazon fba seller tool

A newer player in the Amazon seller all-in-one tools, is AMZ.One. This tool comes with the majority of features included in its competitors while at a much lower monthly subscription cost. AMZ.One is a software suite that allows Amazon sellers to perform research, market effectively and manage their business all in one place. In this review, we’ll take you all the way from AMZ.One login to AMZ.Deals (including 3 free months!).


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What is AMZ.One?

First, let’s break down how AMZ.One works. In order to use AMZ.One, you need to log onto their website and connect their software to your Amazon seller central account. According to their website, AMZ.One is “Seller Edition” software. This is where most of the eCommerce tools come in. The Standard Edition comes with things like: Marketing/Social Digital Resources Ecommerce Competitor Analysis Purchase Orders Shipping & Fulfillment Reviews & Product Ratings Amazon Payments Expenses/Shipping Calculator Bulk Shipping Rates & more.

In addition to these, other tools, like the Peekaboo App, allows you to create and upload ads to Google Adwords. This allows sellers to show-off their products on Amazon while giving the potential customer a reason to buy from them.

Features of AMZ.One

  • Keyword Research
  • Product Research
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Competitor Sales Tracker
  • Onpage Listing Analyzer
  • Audience segmentation
  • Social listening
  • Lead generation
  • Recruiting
  • Sales reporting and analytics
  • Shipping fulfillment
  • Logistics and shipping reporting
  • Lead Scoring
  • Marketing Reporting
  • Review Management
  • Advanced Super URL SEO Tool

The condensed look of this software is not because the tool is lacking in its market research capabilities. This tool has the ability to provide you with nearly all of the marketing reports you need in the market. An overview of the product is available to any person who wants to know more about the features of the tool. As of now, the program is offered as an exclusive feature to Amazon FBA Sellers. After you purchase the product, give the software your Amazon Seller Account MWS and the data from your account will automatically sync to AMZ.One.

How does AMZ.One work?

You start by choosing the company or brand of products that you have selling on Amazon and then follow the steps to complete an initial setup to set up a profile within AMZ.One. In the initial setup, you will be asked to choose the platform you would like to sell on, then sign up for AMZ.One if you would like to receive updates on the latest versions and features that will be released by the company, and enter your mailing address, security, and credit card details. Shortly thereafter, you will receive a message with the AMZ.One log-in URL and you will immediately be able to manage your entire Amazon FBA business from within the platform. There are some key features that this tool offers: One of the best is the ‘Go Live!’ button on the left side of the dashboard.  Through one click of this button you can create a new Amazon listing and build it from scratch with the assistance of AI and proprietary software.


Who Should use AMZ.One?

AMZ.One is intended for any type of seller. Whether you’re a part-time eBay seller, a full-time Amazon seller, or if you’re just a full-time retailer, any of the above may use AMZ.One. With a subscription to deals, you’re getting a well-rounded tool that is seamlessly integrated into your Amazon seller’s account. Social media integration in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more is available through the tool.

You even have the ability to create targeted Facebook Ads, Google Shopping Ads and Google AdWords Marketing across multiple social media platforms.  Because of this functionality, AMZ.One can be a great return on investment.

You also receive internal Google Docs that help with your Amazon selling strategy.

AMZ.One also has a tool that will automatically apply correct links to your product, while offering easy access to change those links. This allows the merchant to get the return on their time and put money into their pockets while the software does the heavy lifting.




amz one pricing - 3 months free

There are four paid subscription levels, as well as a free trial.

You can begin with a 14 Day Free Trial.

After that time, the paid plans are as follows.

  • Basic: $20/month  – 100 Total keyword tracking and unlimited products, as well as access to review club and mail reports.
  • Standard: $40/month – 500 Total keyword tracking and unlimited products, access to review club,  mail report, SEO features and online arbitrage tools.
  • Advanced: $90/month – 1500 Total keyword tracking and unlimited products, access to review club, mail reports, SEO features and online arbitrage tools.
  • Professional: $180/month – 3500 Total keyword tracking and unlimited products, access to review club, mail reports, SEO features and online arbitrage tools.

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AMZ.One Security

The types of data that one will be allowed access to, with the ability to access the front page of Amazon, with the first thing that one is presented with, is the AMZ.One’s trusted seller logo. As you are in the process of setting up your business on the platform, one can ensure their identity. You can then continue with synching your account to your Amazon Seller API. AMZ.One does not give out your information to anyone but their data team.


Conclusion and Review Score

What sets AMZ.One apart from the competition is that it is one of the most affordable all-in-one tools to help Amazon sellers. The company is also constantly adding new features to the platform. For instance, “AMZ.One mobile marketplace” will help sellers that are physically far from Amazon’s fulfillment centers and fulfillment centers. This feature would allow the seller to more efficiently sell items. I’m excited to see how AMZ.One evolves in the future. The new features are already proving to be beneficial to sellers, but more functionality is to come. I hope this review provided some insight into what AMZ.One is, and how it can help you. For more information, visit AMZ.One website.


  • Extremely user friendly
  • Cheapest all-in-one tool on the market
  • Data updated daily
  • Keyword and Product research Tools have high functionality
  • Supports many different Amazon Marketplaces
  • 14 Day Free Trial


  • Some tools do not have full functionality in all marketplaces
  • Not as robust as tools like Helium 10 or Sellics
  • No PPC function

Seller Tool Name AMZ.One
Type Amazon all-in-one tool
Company Location Austria
Best For Newer Amazon sellers who want keyword/product research
Price $20 and up depending on plan chosen

FBA Global Review Score: 8 out of 10