When I started my Amazon FBA Business, I had difficulty managing all of the moving pieces.  In addition to PPC, product sourcing and inventory management, the daily task of customer feedback was one that tended to slip my mind.  Since customers are what drives any business, I knew I needed assistance to ensure customer messages and reviews were getting the TLC they rightfully deserved! Like many Amazon sellers, I’m always looking for software that will help improve my business without adding additional time to an already packed schedule. This led to the discovery of FeedbackWhiz to our team.

When we first started investigating how to best manage feedback and reviews, my company’s review rate was nothing spectacular and my feedback was too chaotic to keep accurate tracking and response time that was in line with Amazon’s recommended policy (24-hour response time to all Customer Messages).

Since I’ve been using FeedbackWhiz, I’ve discovered that every time I review the dashboard, my feedback percentages from sales is increasing without having to move a muscle.  Additionally, FeedbackWhiz’s alerts module has allowed me to become immediately aware of any negative reviews on my products.

In this FBA Global Amazon seller tool review, I’ll share my experience of integrating an Amazon business with FeedbackWhiz.  Keep reading and you’ll discover how this tool works.

You can start using FeedbackWhiz with a 30-day free trial, as well as take advantage of a 50% off FeedbackWhiz coupon on your first paid month.

feedbackwhiz review

What is Feedback Whiz?

FeedbackWhiz is automation software that helps Amazon FBA sellers manage their feedback and reviews. It enables you to stay on top of feedback and reviews without having to log into Seller Central or navigate to product listings to read reviews.   We’ll review the valuable tools FeedbackWhiz provides that have helped me target my customers.

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User Experience

First, FeedbackWhiz is very easy to install.  It may be the most seamless Amazon seller tool to set up, that I’ve encountered.  Not only does each part of the process come with clearly defined steps that are highlighted on the dashboard, but I also received a welcome email from FeedbackWhiz that contained instructions.  Below is an example of the efficient, step by step instructions for successful installation.


In addition to the simplicity of installing the product, I appreciated how easy it was to understand FeedbackWhiz’s dashboard and interface capabilities.  There are many other tools that over crowd their dashboard with meaningless statistics.  This can create mental distraction and fatigue.  FeedbackWhiz kept it simple.   See below for a quick demo on how to navigate FeedbackWhiz.

Key Features

Now, let’s discuss the main features of FeedbackWhiz.

  1. Order Management
  2. Feedback Management
  3. Product Review Tools
  4. Email Automation
  5. Monitoring and Notifications
  6. Profits and Account

feedbackwhiz review

1. Order Management

This function allows you to manage Amazon orders.  Through this tool you’re able to instantly track order status, find top-selling products, promote new products to existing customers and identify product returns within a single screen.  Having the ability to accomplish these tasks without logging into Amazon’s Seller Central was a true time saving benefit.

See below for the general product orders dashboard.


This shows you each order for your business, all in one place with a picture of the product.  Compared to Seller Central’s order screen, FeedbackWhiz’s is much more visually appealing.

Further, if you click the “Status” button on any order, you gain access to seller information that can be used to build a mailing list.  Overall, this simple function has helped grow my company’s mailing list quickly and significantly.


2. Feedback Management

FeedbackWhiz’s Feedback Management software provides the ability to automate and monitor all Amazon customer interactions.  Through this consolidated tool, you can acquire and target those Amazon customers who leave positive feedback, to maximize revenue and sales.  Having the ability to send emails and buyer responses without having to log into Seller Central immediately saved me significant time.  See below for a short demo on how this service works.

3. Product Review Tools

The FeedbackWhiz Product Review module works with you in a number of different ways. 

  • Address negative Amazon product reviews
  • Respond to reviews
  • Analyze review trends by product
  • Categorize product listings
  • Leave public comments on your Amazon product reviews

The main benefit of the Product Review module is knowing immediately when negative feedback has been provided on any of your products.  Through FeedbackWhiz, you can set up automated responses to be sent to the customer when feedback deemed negative appears.  Keep in mind that your reviews won’t all be negative (would be tough to stay in business that way 😉).   FeedbackWhiz Product Review also allows you customize responses to positive buyer feedback.  Including a short message and personal touch can help turn a one-time customer into a loyal returning patron.  If you can demonstrate that you provide quick turnaround for feedback, regardless of it being positive or negative, it can show prospective customers that you are a brand that prioritizes customer service.  Selling on Amazon is all about gaining trust.  The product monitoring functionality of FeedbackWhiz allows you to build trust with your customer base in a way that can be tailored to your business.

The Product Review section also contains robust analytics.  You can analyze your competition’s listings, description, feedback scores, customer reviews and other interesting features.  Having access to more customer feedback within your product category can help you tailor and edit your listing so it answers customer questions and concerns.  Overall, the Product Review section within FeedbackWhiz is a winner.

4. Email Automation

One of FeedbackWhiz’s most beneficial tools is the email autoresponder feature. To achieve your desired customer feedback results, you need to be punctual in conversation and quick in response time to customers. Your email customer responses should be clear and concise so you’re not opening the door for ongoing dialogue about product features.

Prompt email responses are a solid way to build your reputation and determine if customers are happy with their purchases. FeedbackWhiz provides insight on product defect rates that won’t be sustainable for long-term profitability.  Are your products up to a standard expected when buying on Amazon?  If you can answer with a confident “yes,” then quick, precise responses back to your customers developed through the FeedbackWhiz platform will boost your business.

FeedbackWhiz’s recently updated Email Automation feature really blew me away. Back in the “old days,” to request a review on an individual order, we’d have to navigate to the Orders Pages within Seller Central and actually click the ‘Request a Review’ button for EVERY SINGLE ORDER. Here’s what that looked like (and still does within Amazon Seller Central). 


No longer do you need to rely on this old process.  FeedbackWhiz provides you the ability to Request a Review in bulk and tailor each review request.

With FeedbackWhiz’s automation I can create customized email campaigns for any brand or Amazon product we’re selling.  Email campaigns can even be customized on a SKU level so that you have different emails going out to various customers within a product listing.

Customization Ability in Feedback Whiz’s Email Automation

Pre-Populated Templates

FeedbackWhiz’s Email Automation modules provide several attractive templates and unique designs.  You can create your email campaigns to have the text that resonates with your brand and audience.


Template Organization

Above, we reviewed successful Email Automation basics. Now, let’s discuss how this strategy works. First, you need various templates to cater to wide-ranging customer responses. But it can become difficult to find a suitable template when you have too many templates. 

I discovered this when I was using another Amazon feedback software. One reason that I love Feedback Whiz, is that the layout and template organization is crystal clear.


Some cool extras are available to help you group and organize your templates, i.e., color coding and labelling options.

You can color code by response type, product or marketplace of customer message.

Also, templates are assigned with “types” making it very easy for use. When I type “product info” it suggests the templates that include extra information on the product.  You can also group by niche and product category.

Email Campaign Organization

The templates organization and campaign’s functionality are directly proportional to each other. The templates and campaigns work in tandem, which makes FeedbackWhiz stand out from other tools. It’s easy to set up one template for more products, have a simple layout and manage campaigns running.  With a click of a few buttons, you can minimize the number of campaigns that are running.

Repeat Buyer Template

The Repeat Buyer template is built specifically for customers who are repeat buyers. I haven’t seen this feature in any other Amazon seller tool. Every Amazon FBA beginning seller should use this template as an effective way to build a customer loyalty base as you directly target those repeat buyers.

Buyer Refund and Returns Communication Exclusion

If a buyer “returns” or “refunds” your product, then you want to exclude them from any future communication. This is because that buyer is likely to give negative feedback on the product. FeedbackWhiz automatically does this for you!  The service removes all accounts that have returned products from receiving ANY future communication.

Maximize Positive Reviews

Regardless of choosing customized email campaigns or standardized request a review language, FeedbackWhiz helps you increase your customer email conversion rate with its advanced analytics. Since your customer order data is synced with FeedbackWhiz, it seamlessly integrates into the platform.  This allows the tool to target review requests only to customers and orders that are more likely to leave you favorable feedback!

Advanced Email Tracking

Advanced Email Tracking allows you to design a custom email for orders that were purchased specifically via promotion or coupon.  This enables you to maximize a promotion and ensure the savings that are passed along to customers are returned to your business in the form of positive feedback.

Through FeedbackWhiz you also have access to email open rate statistics.  Through this function, you can analyze the open rate of each email campaign you run.  There is also an A/B split testing function via this feature that allows you to try different email language to see which one generates the highest click through rate.  This is a wildly valuable tool as you can begin to identify email language that leads to positive reviews and then use that across all of your campaigns.

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There is a global buyer Blacklist that taps into the FeedbackWhiz database to automatically exclude Amazon shoppers that are known to leave negative reviews.  This automation function ensures you’re targeting the best prospects and omitting those who may leave unfavorable reviews.

Duplicate email detection ensures you do not send the same email to a customer more than once.  Duplicate email correspondence tends to annoy customers so it’s best to monitor and avoid sending duplicates in any form.  Customers who are annoyed are more likely to leave a negative review.

5. Monitoring and Notifications

This module allows you to build, protect and grow your Amazon brand in one place.  It will fully monitor and respond to all critical events in your business from one Amazon management platform.


Monitor Feedback 24/7

This feature will provide you with instant notifications when you receive customer feedback, such as product reviews.  This enables you to be on top of your business and knowledgeable when any customer feedback is received, instead of managing it far less effectively. 

amazon product review manager

6. Profits and Accounts

FeedbackWhiz just recently added the Profits module.  This section provides you concise sales and profit numbers.  FeedbackWhiz’s profit and loss is section is very similar to other tools, though I like how easy it is to decipher the dashboard.  You also have access to graphs and snapshots, so you don’t have to run through line-by-line accounting data.

amazon product review manager

FeedbackWhiz Feature Summary

Top Range of Analytics: After writing a customer email, it’s critical to accurately track its performance. The quality of FeedbackWhiz’s analytics allows you to check your email and review analytical performance in real time.

It also provides A/B split testing options and data on open rates so you can see how email copy, images and different subject titles convert.

Key Data: FeedbackWhiz provides key customer feedback data on your Amazon account, so you can accurately and promptly evaluate your performance.

User Interface: You can keep all tabs in one view at the same time, so you see reviews for each product as they are submitted. This means you’re capable of reacting quickly or commenting on reviews as soon as possible.

Alerts: Get notified in the event that there are changes to your Amazon account when you opt into FeedbackWhiz alerts.

Coming Soon

  • Best Seller Rank and Category Notifications within the Product Monitoring Module


FeedbackWhiz offers four different plans, as well as a Free Plan where you get up to 150 emails per month.  The Starter Plan for Feedback Whiz starts at only $19 per month!  The plans increase from there based on the number of email campaigns you’re running.

feedbackwhiz pricing

FeedbackWhiz plans are customizable. You purchase the features you need, and not necessarily all in one package. If, at first, you need an email automation plan, you can buy that one module to send emails for feedback and reviews. If you need product monitoring later, you can buy that module, as well. The bottom line is that you can take advantage of FeedbackWhiz’s services based on the exact needs of your business.

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FeedbackWhiz – A True Time Saver

If you’re just starting to sell on Amazon, you may overlook product feedback because you’re focused on sales. The feedback process may seem easy when you have very few orders and can send emails manually.  But as soon as your business grows, you’ll feel the critical need for an automated process to handle customer feedback.  For me, email automation software is critical for managing my FBA business.  It’s a vital addition to any FBA business, especially a feedback tool with the granular detail and templated responses like FeedbackWhiz.  This software will organize your business and stimulate ideas for customized feedback.

I found all things in Feedback Whiz software admirable, but the feature that makes it the most unique and useful for me is the clever automated email setup and overall structure. If you set up automated email, it will send an email to the customer who just provided feedback.  If the feedback is negative, it will provide solutions to the customer regarding their problem.  It will block thankful automated email from this buyer and send a grateful email only to those who leave a positive review for you.  Automated email plays a vital role in getting as many positive reviews as possible to keep your account reputation stable.

Summary & Review Score

FeedbackWhiz has many excellent features that will quickly take a FBA seller from learning how to sell on Amazon to scaling a catalog with many SKUs.   

As I mentioned, the benefit of email automation to your business is in increasing reviews and the amount of positive feedback within those reviews.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for FeedbackWhiz using this link and get started today in developing a successful Amazon business.


  • Easy to set up & use
  • Huge times saver that addresses customer feedback through automation and in bulk
  • Compatibility with other marketplaces makes business expansion easier


  • There are no cons that we can identify with this product, BUT it only focuses on customer/product feedback
    • There are all-in-one tools like Helium 10 and Sellics that have modified versions of Customer Feedback tools built in

Seller Tool NameFeedback Whiz
TypeAmazon Customer Feedback Tool
Company LocationUnited States
CEOHenson Wu
Best ForSellers who want to optimize their customer feedback process
Price$19 and up depending on number of campaigns

FBA Global Review Score: 8.8 out of 10

Feedback Whiz 30 Days Free Trial!

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