PPC Entourage Review

If you are reading this, you are likely aware of the numerous Amazon FBA PPC tools on the market today. PPC management is a make or break area of the Amazon seller’s business because of the cost that can be waste from a poorly optimized campaign. With this market need comes an abundance of well-suited (and some not so much) software platforms designed to keep your ad spend low while boosting sales.  How do you possibly know which PPC campaign is right for your business size and budget when the number of options rival the Netflix dashboard.

Today I am going to take you through a PPC powerhouse, PPC Entourage. I stumbled upon PPC Entourage early in 2020 after my Amazon FBA catalog quickly doubled (then tripled) and I was running out of hours in the day to attend to growing the business after PPC management was over.  I knew something had to change as each new product meant several new campaigns to manage.  Whereas I enjoyed managing a mini-catalog directly on the Amazon Advertising platform, as my company’s size grew it no longer was enjoyable and I found myself making quite a lot of mistakes and haphazard campaign decisions in the sake of moving on to another part of the business.

After extensive research, I set out on a PPC software testing journey.  I didn’t know exactly what software I was looking for, but I did know what I did not want.  What didn’t make sense to me would be paying for a software while having to learn the new tool and still manage with the same frequency as I previously was directly on Amazon.  That may seem obvious but I quickly learned that some PPC tools simply flashed a shiny user dashboard and metrics but didn’t actually reduce the user interaction of PPC management.  This is a Lose, Lose as you are essentially learning a new system only to realize when you do that it’s a different language of the same words of one you already know.

Well into my PPC monthly trial journey, I stumbled across PPC Entourage. While It initially did not jump off the page because of its simple user interface, that lack of shininess was quickly a thought of the past after I had used the software effectively for a month.  Not only does PPC Entourage offer ways to optimize, edit and see metrics that are not available on Amazon’s Advertising Platform, but it has an autopilot function that allows you to fully automate PPC campaigns.

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What is PPC Entourage?

Founded in 2016 by Amazon Seller (and self-proclaimed “recovering physical therapist”), Mike Nagare, PPC Entourage is now one of the most popular PPC management services on the markets. PPC Entourage offers the 2021 Amazon FBA seller a way to optimize, expand and automate their Amazon PPC Campaigns.

PPC Entourage is a tool that lets you optimize your campaigns in the name of lowering your ACoS with a click of a button.  This optimization allows a seller to focus more ad spend in highly converting areas to boost sales. The tools provides clear data and easy-to-read Amazon PPC strategies to help target your PPC in a cost-efficient way. The tool also finds and highlights search terms that would otherwise but difficult to spot that should be added to your PPC and organic SEO.

PPC Entourage is truly one of those Amazon PPC tools that can save your time as a seller and help you move your business in the right direction.  

In this PPC Entourage review, we’ll discuss how you can use this amazing tool to get ahead of your competition.

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Let’s dive right into PPC Entourage Pricing.  Below is an overview of their most up-to-date 2021 Pricing Plan.  Four different pricing plans are offered, depending on the size of your Amazon catalog (or at least the number of products you’ll import to Entourage):

Successful Seller $47/month 1-5 SKUs
Advanced Seller $97/month 6-21 SKUs
Leveraged Seller $147/month 22-51 SKUs
Strategic Seller $247/month 51+ SKUs

PPC Entourage Management Services

  • Campaign Optimization Blitz: $197/month
  • Campaign Expansion Blitz: $197/month

Entourage Margins

  • Entourage Margins is $97/ month

The best thing? PPC Entourage offers a one-year money-back guarantee, giving you peace of mind while buying.


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PPC Entourage Review

As soon as you log in, the dashboard bring your in and makes you want to dive right into PPC with a colorful display of valuable graphics. One thing I realized quickly was that the PPC Entourage interface is user-friendly and easy to use. You’ll be able to manage your PPC campaigns effectively even if you haven’t used this software before.  

After logging into the PPC Entourage dashboard, you’ll be asked to enter your account details. The software takes about 24 hours to fetch the data from your Amazon seller account and shows metrics of your active PPC campaigns.

These include:

Organic Revenue: Amount of revenue coming through non-ad clicks.

PPC Revenue: Amount of revenue coming through PPC clicks.

Ad spend: This is the amount you’ve spent on ad clicks within a selected time frame. When someone clicks on your ad, Amazon deducts your bid amount. So, the higher the clicks, the more will be your ad spend.  

Impressions: PPC Entourage doesn’t only tell you how many people click your ad, but it also tells you the impressions. Amazon counts an impression when someone looks at your ad within your specified time frame.

Clickthrough Rate (CTR): This measure clicks to overall impressions.

Conversion rate: Conversion rate is the ratio of visitors buying your product to the ones that don’t.

Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS): This measures your sponsored ads’ efficiency; the ratio of your ad spend and revenue generated from those ads (ad spend/ad revenue * 100).  

The PPC Entourage dashboard is a great landing page.  The real PPC Optimization is done in campaign pages.  Let’s explore the key features of Entourage.


Key Features

One quick note, the Optimization typically refers to minimizing wasted ad spend on current PPC Campaigns.  Expansion refers to growing your campaigns based on factors that are performing well.


Create & Expand Ads


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Through this feature, you can create both Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display or Sponsored Brand campaigns.

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Use this feature to expand ads on highly converting search terms, products or match types.  This functionality gives you the ability to scale your campaigns and grow your business based on the ads that are working best!


Optimize Ads

The campaign optimization tab is a blessing for Amazon sellers as it optimizes PPC campaigns for maximum results and minimum ad spend.  Within the mainframe of each campaign, you can set your Target ACoS for based on the profit margin of your campaign so the system is working to ensure you are running profitable PPC.

The campaign optimization tab shows you the data of each individual PPC Campaign you are running. You also get an overview of your non-performing ad sets.

This tab allows you to optimize based on the following features:

  1. SKU Optimizer
    • Shows SKUs within campaign/ad groups that are performing best and worst.
  2. Bid Optimizer
    • Bid price suggestions based on performance of the keyword/target.
  3. Keyword Cleaner
    • A great resource for Broad and Phrase ad types. This allows you to see which search terms within a a general keyword are performing. You can move low-performing search terms to Negatives so that your broad keyword match is not wasting valuable click dollars on these terms.
  4. Search Term Optimizer
    • Shows search terms that are Above and Below Target ACoS
  5. Negative Word/ASIN Finder
    • Entourage suggests terms that are wasting Ad Spend to be moved to Negative Exact and Phrase so that they no longer are targeted.
  6. Placement Optimizer
    • Is your ad performing better on Top of Page than other Ad Placements? This feature allows you to adjust bids by placement in the ad type by up to 900 percent.

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Bulk Optimization

Not only that, you have the option of optimizing your campaigns in bulk.  This is a massive time-saver as you can optimize every single campaign and ad group at once. The bulk campaign optimization feature lets you do that.

The feature has 5 modules:

  1. SKUs
  2. Keywords
  3. Search terms
  4. Negative words
  5. Advanced Optimization
    • I find this option remarkably helpful as the preset filters allow you to all keywords and search terms of a specific parameter at the same time.

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Auto Pilot Manager


ppc entourage - automated amazon ppc

Autopilot feature in PPC Entourage is for those Amazon sellers who want to take the automation to another level. In autopilot mode, you are able to set up rules for your automation so that it takes action without any human interaction. 

Autopilot, also is set up for Optimization and Expansion, and has the following features:


  1. Keyword/Product Target Settings
    • Parameters can be set for Zero Sale Targets, Low converting targets or high ACoS Targets
  2. Negative Keyword/Product
    • Eliminates search terms or product ASINs (by adding them o Negative Exacts) if they meet low-performing criteria.
  3. Dayparting
    • Choose days and times to automatically turn off your campaigns based on historic performance.
  4. A/B Testing
    • Access a side-by-side comparison of the results of the auto-pilot actions to determine if the settings are configured the right way.

PPC Entourage - best amazon ppc management software

A couple notes about the overall Auto-Pilot function.

  1. By default, the minimum clicks before autopilot goes into effect is set at 10. However, you have the option to reduce or increase the amount of ad clicks needed to trigger the auto-pilot.
  2. Similarly, the minimum impressions are set at 1000 while the waiting days at 14. You can have the autopilot get into action immediately by setting the “waiting days” to zero.
  3. Auto pilot can be set up to take action based on 7 days – 90 days of past data on the rule you enter.
  4. “Advanced settings” in autopilot take precedent over the basic rules. For advanced users, these settings are more specific and will be at a more direct level than the

Spotlight – for Sponsored Brands Campaigns

Entourage has an entire module dedicated to Sponsored Brand campaigns.  If you are running Brand Ads, this allows you to separate those campaigns from your Sponsored Products.  The module has the functionality of the main campaigns.

Additionally, this module has a Headline Creator function where you can create targeted headlines based on metrics that convert.

Just recently, they added a Sponsored Display Ads option so that you can use for setting up and running targeted Sponsored Display Ads as well.

Non-PPC Features


Keyword Tracking

Enter the keywords your listing is set up to rank for and Entourage will track their position.  It also shows which keywords are below and above ACoS, as well as what ones are getting zero impressions.

Listing Improvement/Optimizer

Even though PPC Entourage is primarily an ad-managing software, your ads will not perform well unless your listing is optimized.  For this reason, Entourage comes with a listing optimization feature. This feature is geared towards optimizing and boosting your listing to encourage organic ranking while your ads are running. Using this tab, you can set profit margins for your listings and track them effectively for better decisions.

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A/B Testing

Add listing-specific A/B tests.  These can be based on Title, Photos, Bullet Points or overall description of the product listing.

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Entourage Management Services

There are additional PPC Entourage services that are offered if your business has .  In addition to PPC Entourage’s user-enabled PPC tool, Entourage offers Full Management Services as well as Consulting for your Amazon PPC ads.  These tools are priced based on the size of your business and advertising goals.

Entourage Seller consulting services: This is where Amazon sellers are taught innovative and impactful strategies, helping them optimize their PPC campaigns and reduce ad costs.

Entourage Headline Search Ads (HSA) management: HSAs appear at the top of a search results page, allowing the products to stand apart from the competition. This helps brand awareness as well as sales.

PPC Entourage Management Services will manage your headline search ads effectively. The PPC campaign management service team helps you to:

  1. Audit existing headline search ads (Examines existing HSAs to minimize ad spend)
  2. Crossover research (Studies sponsored product ads’ data to optimize HSAs)
  3. Brand ads (Creates ads to increase brand awareness)

Campaign Optimization Blitz: For sellers that don’t want to manage their PPC campaigns, PPC Entourage has them covered with this service.

The campaign optimization Blitz includes:

  1. A full account review by Entourage’s PPC expert.
  2. Complete search term optimization to reduce your Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS).
  3. They will analyze and optimize your bid prices, identify profitable keywords, and allocate ad spend to best-performing keywords.
  4. They will make sure that your campaign budget is optimized for the best results.

Entourage Campaign Expansion Blitz: This feature is great for new as well as experienced Amazon sellers. Sellers that want to target more keywords and search terms can use this service to expand their reach.

The services include:

  1. Keyword expansion
  2. Search term expansion
  3. Match type expansion

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Entourage Margins


Best ppc management software

Another addition Entourage offering is called Entourage Margins.  PPC Entourage, Management Services & Margins are all found within the PPC Entourage landing page, but are all accessed through separate log-ins.

Margins business analytics tool built for Amazon sellers who are having difficulty tracking their bottom line.  Entourage Margins will show you:

  • Areas of business that are having the biggest impact on profit margins
  • What the ideal profit margin should be for each area of business
  • How to fix low-profit margin areas of the business (defined as Margin Eaters)
  • How to track fees that are impacting the business’s margins

Entourage Margins is $97 per month and is a separate tool than PPC Entourage.   Just like with PPC Entourage, FBA Global customers are able to receive 10% off their subscription for life with the discount code 10FORLIFE – Discount of 10% on lifetime of subscription.

Note: Any Entourage Management Service customers are able to access PPC Entourage and Entourage Margins.


Training & Resources

In addition to the bread of butter function of their PPC tools and aiding functions, PPC Entourage provides fundamental and in-depth tutorials that you can access right from its dashboard.  Entourage has the following resources to help new sellers become proficient in managing ads.

  • Fundamentals Course
  • Blueprint Series
  • Weekly Wins Vides
  • Amazon Ads Playbook Series

PPC Entourage YouTube Channel with content published multiple times a week!

Customer Service


PPC Entourage’s customer service team has been very responsive in my experience. They offer a live chat during business hours, which is forwarded to their support email after hours.  Their support team is based out of the United States and is even willing to get on the phone with you to help solve any bugs or unanswered questions.

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Summary and Review Score

This PPC Entourage review equips you with the essential information you need to make an informed decision.  

In my opinion, PPC Entourage is the BEST all around Amazon PPC tool. Whether you are a new seller or an experienced one, PPC Entourage offers everything you need to further grow your business.

It not only automates your PPC campaigns but also reduces your ad spend and keeps your business moving in the right direction. 

Moreover, the easy-to-use dashboard, automatic bid adjustment, autopilot mode, listing, and campaign optimization make PPC Entourage the hands-down best PPC management software on the market in 2021.

So, if you are an Amazon seller and don’t want to get into the hassle of manually adjusting your PPC campaigns, PPC Entourage is for you! It does the work efficiently and helps your business grow.  Don’t wait on the sideline wasting countless hours when there’s tools like this to free up your valuable time.




  1. Optimize your current campaigns
  2. Reduce ad spend through unique tools
  3. Ability to expand campaigns through service
  4. Auto-pilot feature allows for hands off automation
  5. Multiple countries supported
  6. Free trial available for new FBA sellers


  1. Need to pay separately for the three different tools
  2. Need to pay extra for other countries
  3. Primary focus is PPC, not an all-in-one tool like Helium 10

Seller Tool Name PPC Entourage
Type PPC Management Software & Automation
Company Location United States
CEO Mike Nagare
Best For Sellers who want their time freed up via PPC Automation
Price $47 and up depending on number of SKUs


FBA Global Review Score: 9.5 out of 10