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The #1 Amazon Seller Tool for FBA


Do you want to exponentially improve the sales and profit of your FBA business as a successful Amazon seller? The use of an Amazon seller tool to help the management and organization of your business is a must have. Today, we discuss the popular Amazon FBA software, Helium 10.  In our 2021 Helium 10 review, we’ll discuss its features, pricing and how it compares to other Amazon all-in-one seller tools.  Stick around as we’ll give a link to the Helium 10 chrome extension as well as a Helium 10 coupon code if you do wish to sign up.

There are many entrepreneurs making millions by forging their path through an Amazon FBA business. Does this sound great to you? While enticing, it is not as simple as you think. However, you can simplify the entire process by using the Helium 10 software. Helium 10 software fits the billing of an all-in-one Amazon tool more than any other on the market, by effectively assisting users in managing every task related to their Amazon FBA business. This software is the most comprehensive Amazon FBA tool because of its near-limitless features.

I’m writing this with the hopes the use of Helium 10, or other Amazon FBA tools, helps you earn the passive income.  Once you begin earning  your first dollar in passive income, the dreams of quitting your job and moving full time into Amazon FBA becomes within reach. Selling on Amazon has changed my life and it truly can do the same for you.  That said, without using a tool you are playing a dangerous guessing game that’s no better than gambling.  If you are considering Amazon FBA, do yourself a massive favor and try a tool out. 

P.S. The Helium 10 team of trained Amazon FBA assassins has offered the FBA Global audience exclusive discounts.  Choose between receiving 50% off your first month or 10% off for the lifetime of your plan. This goes for ALL HELIUM 10 PLANS & PACKAGES.



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 What is Helium 10?

New Amazon sellers usually think that they can simply create an Amazon listing and achieve sales overnight. Unfortunately, this is not the case.   Trying to dissect the Amazon catalog is like picking a needle out of a Jupiter-sized haystack.  If you are playing the guessing game on Amazon, you are way behind 90% of FBA sellers who use a paid product research tool.  The time and money Helium 10 can save makes the FBA business something that can be truly passive income.  Instead of taking a shot in the dark, vet every product decision you are considering with a highly accurate data source like Helium 10.

As a Helium 10 user, let me give you the full picture on what Helium 10 is and then you can decide for yourself whether it’s something that could fit into your business and budget.


Helium 10 Takes Away Uncertainty of Amazon FBA Selling

Even in 2021, Amazon FBA is still an emerging market.  As Amazon as a company goes, so do the sellers within.  In 2020 Amazon delivered a record year of e-commerce.  As Amazon seems to inevitably be taking over the world, third-party Amazon sellers are also reaping in huge rewards.  That said, Private Labeling and selling on Amazon is no cakewalk.  Helium 10 is the shining light in what would be a dark abyss of guessing without the innovative selling features it comes with.


Stack the Deck in Your Favor by Using Helium 10’s All-in-One Suite

It has become more difficult to find niches and products that are not in high competition. Use the best Amazon tool on the market to give yourself a competitive edge.


helium 10 coupon code



Key Features of Helium 10 

Before we go into each tool, let’s see how Helium 10 compares with Jungle Scout and Viral Launch.

best amazon seller tools comparison of helium 10 jungle scout viral launch

 Note: There are an abundance of tools, so stick with me here so you truly absorb the capability of Helium 10.  To simplify, I’m grouping the tools into 7 Main Categories.  


1.     Product Research – Black Box and Trendster

Black Box

How do you find a product to sell on Amazon? This is the million dollar question.  Black Box is the premier product research tool for Amazon sellers because it allows the user to drill down into a product and niche based on directed criteria.  Black Box also has more products in its research catalog than any other Amazon Seller Tool!

helium 10 product research

Use this tool to filter products by the amount of monthly sales and revenue, price, review score and quantity, dimensions and expected profit.

In addition to searching by Product, Black Box allows you to search by Keyword, Competitiors, Niche and Product Targeting.  Each search method offers unique results categories suited to your search.  As an illustration, let’s say you have ZERO IDEA what you are targeting when you begin.

Here is the Black Box Product Research process:

  1. Use Products search to filter by category and revenue criteria you are aiming for to generate a list of relevant products.
  2. Use the Keywords search to enter the Main Keyword of the product you just found in Step 1.  Filter down to keywords with high search volume and low competitor review count and overall rating.
  3. Use the Competitor search to enter the ASIN(s) of the main competitors you found in Step 2 to view their monthly review and historic price.
  4. Use the Niche search to enter the main keyword from Step 1 to see results on the overall supply and demand of the market you are considering.
  5. Use the Product Targeting search to enter ASIN(s) of main competitors to see advanced statistics around each product listings’ price, profitability and historic trend.

Helium 10’s Black Box tool helps in revealing the winning products that make money. This tool digs deep into the relevant markets to identify the most profitable products for Amazon sellers. Moreover, it is a time-efficient tool that quickly extracts the revenue, trends, number of reviews along with ratings, and the estimated sales of the product. It also produces a list of competitors along with their reviews, which helps sellers truly understand the products you’re researching.

Check out the video for an in-depth run down of Helium 10 Black Box!


To truly know product trends, you need an accurate predictor of the markets.  Helium 10’s Trendster fits the bill of just that!

Track ASINs to see how the product is selling over time (can do this with current and potential competitiors, as well as your own products).  What you get instantly with Trendster results:

  • Seasonality: Find out if the product you are focused on is showing monthly sales data that isn’t in line with the yearly totals.
  • Overall Trend: is the product increasing in sales month-over-month or starting to die off?  You will find this answer quickly here.

Helium 10 Software

2.    Keyword Research – Cerebro, Magnet and Misspellinator

Ohh boy where do we even begin with this one.   One of the biggest hurdles in my business has been getting to Page One for the highly coveted search terms within Product Categories we’re selling.  Early on, we were no match for big brands (or even medium-sized brands to be frank) on Page One.  Then walked in a gift from the heavens… in the form of Helium 10’s Keyword Research tools.  If you want to be successful as an Amazon FBA seller, you need to place an emphasis on Amazon SEO.  Plain and simple.  Without optimizing the back-end of your listings, you will not sell well. Helium 10’s keyword research suite gives you the information to perform SEO wizardy.


Cerebro is another  Helium 10 essential for keyword research. Cerebro is the Helium 10 go-to for Reverse ASIN searching.  This unique tool is designed to analyze keyword data on competitors that will affect the sales and best sellers ranking of the product.  Cerebro is an encyclopedia of sorts into the Amazon catalog.  Simply enter in and ASIN and/or keyword and immediately have access to keyword scores, search volume, competitor metrics and the ranking history on the results Amazon is displaying.

While a primary Cerebro feature is the “Get Keywords” function, the tool also has Exact ASIN Match and Get Competitors functionality.  These tools are dope, no other way to put it.

Keyword Research Tips


Get Keywords on Multiple Variations at Once: Find your desired product on Amazon that has more than one Variation (can be size, color, alteration, etc.).

Scroll down under the content and product description and copy the ASIN from the product page.


helium 10 review


Paste the ASIN into the Helium 10 Cerebro tool bar and DO Not check the “Exact ASIN Match” Box.  Select Get Keywords and let the tool run its magic


helium 10 review


Via this method, Cerebro will display results for related keywords for ALL variations of of the product instead of just the child ASIN you selected.  This is incredibly beneficial if you are researching a product that has multiple colors, as customers often search the color they want into the Amazon search bar.


helium 10 review


Just from the results, you can see Cerebro displays a vast amount of keyword data with 504 Organic Results!  Organic results are much better indicators for product relevance over Sponsored Results because it means the Product is actually indexed for the keyword in Amazon’s backend.  While it’s important to know who is bidding on the keywords that are competitive in your target, any product can bid on the keywords in your target market (with the right price).


Cerebro IQ Score

This is a custom score that only Helium 10’s algorithm will give based on the extensive data from the Amazon catalog it holds.  A simple explanation of the Cerebro IQ score is the ratio of monthly search volume vs the amount of competing products for the keyword. A high Cerebro IQ score means the keyword has a good number of searches with lower competition.  A low score means less search volume and higher competition.  You want to look for keywords with the highest Cerebro IQ scores.

FBA Global Pro Tip: Ignore Brand keyword results.  If you are trying to sell running shoes, you do not want to include “nike” and “adidas” in your results as a customer entering those terms has a clear brand they are searching for.


Get Competitors

This feature allows you to get competitor data at a keyword level.  A crucial data point to have before you decide to order inventory with your product of choice

Using the same ASIN as before, see what happens when the Get Competitors button is selected.

Once displayed, you have a comprehensive list of products that would be your competitors if you chose to enter the market.  Select any of the competing products you wish to compare and Cerebro will automatically highlight them.  These competitor ASINs are then added to your keyword search.  You can then use the Get Keywords function to see a full list of keywords that your competitors are using for the product(s) you are researching.  Just like that you know exactly what the competition is doing and how you could craft a product listing and PPC strategy to stand out!


See Helium 10 Cerebro Graphic Below



helium 10 review


This helps breaks down the step-by-step process of how to use the tool.



Magnet is a robust keyword research tool that saves you time by quickly providing a list of the most valuable keywords for your product. Magnet is perfect for finding long-tail keywords and short phrases that can go into dynamic broad match and phrase match campaigns. The tool requires a basic keyword list for your product and in turn, will produce relevant results including Magnet IQ score, search volume, match type, organic keywords, Amazon recommended keywords, and ASINs based keywords utilized by the sponsored ads.

helium 10 review


Using Magnet

The Magnet database  is full of search terms and long-tail keywords that are specific to the Amazon catalog.  Through this extensive database, you are able to find high-volume search terms that are relevant to the product you’re researching.  Use this to maximize the Organic Traffic on listing and see your sales the kind of boost that you couldn’t uncover on your own.



Once you have solidified your keyword list with Cerebro and Magnet, your journey with Frankenstein can begin. Frankenstein is the bridge between keyword research and the front-end Amazon listing. After running such an extensive keyword research process, you are likely wondering how you will fit each word within your listing. Frankenstein was designed to do just that.


helium 10 review - frankenstein amazon product listing tool

From Magnet, export your list directly into Frankenstein with one click of a button. Frankenstein is built with a bevy of features that trim down this keyword list to what is relevant to your product.  It also has the ability to remove common words (“the”, “for”, etc.) and single letters to not muddy the waters of what will be valuable to your customers.  The results column allows you to filter by length of keyword.  You can use the tool to assemble your listing with the newly filtered Words and Phrases results.



This is another potent and effective tool of Helium 10 that ensures the inclusion of every powerful keyword in your product listing. Once you are done with fetching the list of powerful keywords from Frankenstein, you can narrow it down and filter it again in the Scribbles tool.


helium 10 review


Scribbles takes the data from Frankenstein and scans to ensure each of the keywords is included within your product listings.  This includes your Title, Bullet Points and Description.  Begin crafting your listings within the tool with the terms and phrases you should target displaying on the same screen. As each keyword is used in the listing, Scribbles will add a count next to the term so you are seeing a real-time display of keywords that still need to be added for full optimization.  The seamless process between Frankenstein and Scribbles is one that has cost a good chunk of change off-Helium 10 in the past.  Having access to these two beastly tools is an immediate value-add to your content.


Index Checker

With the Helium 10 Index Checker, you can identify the front-end and back-end keywords indexing of your listings.  This tool is a fast way to check if your product listings are indexed for the keywords you are targeting.   Simply enter your product ASIN and keywords to want to cross-reference.  Index Checker shows if you have a Traditional Index, Field-ASIN Index, Storefront Index and then finally a Cumulative Index.

If you are wondering why your listing isn’t converting, the is critical to run Index Checker on all main keywords that you want to be searchable.  This is a great way to get your product listing to page one.

I use this tool when I am at a loss for listing optimization go-tos and it immediately shows me where the holes in my goal vs Amazon’s A9 algorithm lie.


4.    Operations – Alta, Alerts, Inventory Protector, Refund Genie & Email Follow Up


Alta is a cashflow management system that facilitates growth in your business.  The services include credit line recommendations, daily advances, and digital wallet set up where you can automate supplier payments.


Hijacker and Product monitoring alerts set up for your catalog. This can also be set up to notify you if a listing of yours has been changed by another buyer.  As I discuss in How the Amazon Catalog Works, Amazon functions similarly to Wikipedia as the listings are editable.  You can avoid having a competitor change product information on a listing without your knowledge by setting up an alert.


Inventory Protector

Inventory Protector helps ensure your promotions don’t get abused. Say you are running a CPR Giveaway that includes a 75% Off Coupon and some yahoo tries to buy 500 units.  This tool can be set up to set a product purchase limit sot that your precious inventory remains just that.   Inventory protector also has a ‘coupon abuse prevention’ feature to alert you if SKUs are over-using coupons.


Refund Genie

helium 10 software

Reimbursement assistance made simple! Amazon and their hundreds of thousands fulfillment center employees often make mistakes that entitle your business to precious refunds. Refund Genie integrates with your Seller Account to scan your inventory for potentially reimbursable items. You will get notifications when the tool determines there is a good chance of refund. Using this tool will help save you money (typically pays for the Helium 10 subscription) and more importantly, your precious time.


Helium 10 offers another tool, Follow-up, which allows email automation by simply signing in and creating your first automation. This helps in saving precious time for the seller by organizing and scheduling emails to clients.


5.    PPC –  ADS

The ADS feature is now included with Diamond and Elite subscription plans.

helium 10 review


ADS is built as a one-stop shop for everything PPC in your account.  Its interface is easy to follow and it offers benefits such as simple campaign management and smart suggestions. ADS keeps a constant eye on PPC campaigns, so you don’t have to. It also reduces the time needed to make changes to your campaigns vs doing them manually in the Amazon Ads Console. Features of Helium 10 ADS include:

  1. Make changes to or create multiple campaigns at once
  2. Suggestions on new keywords, negative keywords and bid price
  3. Automated change in bid prices via rule-based algorithm


6.    Analytics –  Market Tracker, Keyword Tracker &Profits

The Helium 10 Analytics tool consists of incredibly useful tools such as Market Tracker, Keyword Tracker, and Profits.  These tools assist online Amazon sellers in obtaining a robust understanding of product analytics.

Market Tracker





Succeeding on Amazon comes down to three key data points. Knowing your market, knowing your competitors and knowing where you stand. With this tool, you can learn who’s market share is increasing, decreasing and who has been completely left in the dust. Sales, Pricing, BSR are all held within Helium 10’s Market Tracker.


Keyword Tracker

Track where your product ranks for each keyword you are targeting.  This can be refreshed on a daily, or even hourly basis.  Make sure you are using this as frequently as you possibly can!  Setting and forgetting listings and/or PPC is a common way for listings to become stale.  This tool tracks Organic Ranking, Sponsored Ranking.


If you are the 40th Sponsored Ad displaying, you are likely not getting many sales from this target.  Being able to access this ranking on a real-time basis is data that you can parlay into your PPC campaigns.



You have to be making Profits if you are selling on Amazon.  The profits tool is your financial center that comes with your subscription.  Through this tool, see revenue, costs, margins, refunds and Amazon Fees.

You are also able to see Sales Trends day-by-day.  Further down the Profits Dashboard is the Performance Matric where you can see ROI, Promo Units and Refunds at any point in time.  Use the “Explain” button to drill down into detail for financials.

Helium 10 Analytics is for those who love analyzing data.  It provides profit snapshots and performance data on both your keywords and competitors.   This tool is the ultimate guide for Amazon sellers who want to boost their sales and grow their business.



7. Helium 10 Chrome ExtensionFive Built-In Tools Combing the Amazon Catalog


helium 10 extension


Xray chrome extension

If you are wondering what your next killer product is going to be, Helium 10 extension Xray is the perfect product finder. Xray is a powerful browser extension for Product Research.  Instead of having to go back and forth between Amazon and Helium 10, instantly analyze Amazon search results on product pages.


helium 10 extension


It provides a bird’s eye view of the Amazon catalog and uncovers the future growth potentials.  It evaluates both the demand and supply of the niche of your product.  I use these insights to look for new opportunities and analyze the competition of potential markets. Included

ASIN Grabber

This feature allows you to copy ASINs in bulk for targeted ad creation.  Use ASIN grabber to find trending products or items that that pop on the holidays.


Profitability Calculator

Use this tool to uncover a white knight in Amazon FBA, true profit margin numbers!  It’s shocking how many business owners don’t know where they stand in terms of profitability.  Use the tool to enter key factors such as weight dimensions, unit cost and shipping.  The tool will automatically calculate expected Amazon FBA fees and referral fees so you can forecast in addition to seeing snapshots.


Inventory Levels

This gives you a view of current and inbound inventory for each product listing.  It can be used to see which competitors are running low on inventory.


Review Insights

Sort and analyze competitor reviews to see valuable insights buyers have let in the past.  This can help you spot issues with existing products to differentiate your offering.

Click here to Download the Helium 10 Chrome Extension and start using today!


Bonus – Free PPC Audit & Project X

Free Amazon PPC Audit

Helium 10 offers a free Amazon PPC Analysis and Audit for those already selling on Amazon.  This snapshot gives you graphs and charts of your low and high performing campaigns and search terms.  The readability of the report is simple, and it provides you with immediate actionable steps to improve your campaign.

helium 10 review

Project X

Project X is a 2020 YouTube series taking Amazon Sellers on a step-by-step process starting from Product Research all the way to the point of sale.  This series truly goes through what it takes from to go from Zero to Hero in Amazon FBA, the perfect watch for someone on the fence about starting an Amazon FBA business.

Amazon Seller’s Course – Freedom Ticket

Late in 2019, Helium 10 partnered with the Freedom Ticket course to offer the training FREE to all Platinum, Diamond and Elite subscribers (so everyone who pays for Helium 10).  Freedom Ticket is an 8 Week Amazon FBA course created to teach you how to sell from scratch.  The course is taught by Amazon Selling legend, Kevin King, and includes over 80 modules of video/content to go along with slides.


helium 10 training - freedom ticket

Freedom Ticket was selling for $997 on its own, so the value of getting an Amazon Sellers course to go along with your Helium 10 subscription cannot be overstated.

With the Helium 10 and Freedom Ticket integration, you receive superior training with one log-in.  What’s even better, the training uses Helium 10 as a reference so you can apply your knowledge immediately.  The last thing you want to do is pay for a course only to realize the tools the instructor teaches requires another subscription.

Click this link to check out the course for yourself!  Do not forget to utilize this precious resource once you sign up for a Helium 10 account!




helium 10 coupon code

Helium 10 has multiple subscriptions. The Platinum Plan is the most common for getting started and provides new sellers with all they could possibly need!  If you are the everyday Amazon FBA seller, then the Platinum Plan is ideal for you at $97 per month (before FBA Global Audience Discount).

For advanced Amazon FBA sellers who want to maximize the selling scale and grow their bank accounts, the Diamond Plan may be the best option for you, at $197 per month (pre discount).

For those Amazon sellers who want to learn inside tips and tricks to grow their business and take it to the next level, the Elite Plan is on the top level and suitable for larger companies.  Its price is based on the customization of the services within.


FBA Global Exclusive Promo Codes:

You can make this deal sweeter by using our Helium 10 discount coupon codes.

Using the Discount Codes

Once your free account is created with Helium 10, click “Plan details” on the top after signing into your account. You can now enter your coupon code FBAGLOBAL50 or FBAGLOBAL10 on the plan detail page to receive the extra unique Helium 10 coupon code!

Are you ready to manage your FBA business by using Helium 10? By following the below simple steps, you can take advantage of our discount codes:

  1. On our site, go to the Helium 10 pricing page.
  2. Now, enter your coupon code
    • FBAGLOBAL50 for a 50% discount for one month
    • FBAGLOBAL10 for 10% discounts on annual pricing and monthly plans as well.
  3. Click on “Apply”
  4. Choose whichever plan you want and then click on “Buy now.”
    • If you do not have an account, create one within seconds. The 10% OR 50% Helium 10 Coupon off will be directly applied to your subscription with the Helium 10 Coupon Code at checkout!

And that’s it! Act now to enjoy this fantastic discount and upgrade your FBA business to the #1 Amazon Seller tool (without question) on the market!

Helium 10 also offers a Free Trial you can try before paying for a plan.  Give the software suite a try, and if you find it valuable you can subscribe to the Platinum Plan.  You also get Exclusive Discounts by signing up through FBA Global.


Free Tools and Trial

Helium 10’s Free Plan is much more generous than I would think (thanks Helium 10, no complaints here).  If you sign up for  free plan (no credit card or commitment required), you are entitled to the following:

  1. Black Box – 20 Total Searches
  2. Trendster – 30 Days of Full Access
  3. Magnet – 2  Searches per Day
  4. Cerebro – 2 Searches a Day
  5. Frankenstein – 30 Days of Full Access
  6. Scribbles – 30 Days of Full Access
  7. Index Checker – 6 Total Checks
  8. Keyword Tracker – Up to 20 Keywords
  9. Alerts – Up to 2 ASINs
  10. Inventory Protector – Full Access
  11. Refund Genie – Limited Use by Case
  12. Xray – 1000 Requests
  13. Profits – Weekly Updates

This is quite an offering out of a free tool, and doesn’t have a trial end period like most the rest.  You will run out of searches for the most valuable product and keyword research tools fast, so if you’re looking to upgrade Click Here.


Recent Updates, Tips & Facts

As I write this in 2021, I wanted to touch on more recent additions to the Helium 10 Toolbox, as well as relevant facts about the software.


Recent Features & Updates for 2021

  1. ADS PPC campaign builder function with Quick Builder, Guided Builder & Advanced Builder
  2. Product inserts and QR Code + short link generator within Portals
  3. Preset filters for products and brands within Black Box
  4. Total search volume for Magnet
  5. Bulk import for inventory and alerts for inventory managements
  6. Cerebro now available with Xray Helium 10 extension
  7. Supplier finder via Alibaba
  8. Demand Analyzer within chrome app
  9. Growth dashboard

Helium 10’s Recent Updates come primarily from User Feedback

  •  Send Requests to Helium 10’s Support with the Subject “Attention Suggestions”:
    • Save your time and do not request anything against Amazon’s terms of service.

Tips for Helium 10 Mastery


Product Targeting:

Want to target the top results for a keyword? No longer do you want to copy/paste ASINs one-by-one.

  • Download the top results with the Helium 10 Chrome Extension to a CSV file. Paste this into a Product Targeting campaign.

Black Box:

Filter by title and keyword to return results of top competitors in keyword markets you’re targeting.

  • Ex: If you are selling Bluetooth shower heads with a 4.2 rating, filter results to include those that have
    • Title includes Phrase: “Bluetooth shower head”
    • Month Sales: Greater than $20,000 per month.
    • Review Score: 3.5 or less

Immediately you have a list of high-selling competitors to target where you have a competitive advantage. Use ‘Competitors’ feature to automatically generate product listings that rank for the same keywords. Product Targeting fuction:3 different sources of listings

Frequently bought together: what customers have bought in same purchase transaction. Super valuable as it’s not just tied to direct competitors and it’s data directly from Amazon.

  • Ex: You sell a neck pillow and a compression sleeve is the most frequently bought with.

Customer Also Bought: same customer purchased both products within a short period. Different than Frequently Bought Together because customer isn’t buying on the same transaction.

Note: be careful here as there are many results that are not relevant. Ensure the results you use have a reasonable explanation.

Amazon Recommended: Amazon gives suggested ASINs when you set up Product Targeting. Visibility into what Amazon Recommends.  Especially helpful into getting insights into competitors.


Helium 10 Fun Fact

At any point in time, Helium 10 has over 100 million keywords in their product database. Amazon’s Brand Analytics only displays up to 1 million keywords.


Summary & Review Score

At the end of the day, Helium 10 is the most robust and comprehensive Amazon Seller Tool and it’s not even close.  Enough said.


  1. The most robust Amazon seller tool.
  2. Data that has been tested and is highly accurate/extensive.
  3. Product research tool complexity.
  4. Helium 10 Chrome extension doesn’t require the user to leave the Amazon Catalog
  5. Excellent training: Step-by-step guide is provided on how to use the Helium 10 tool.
    • Freedom ticket course is also now included.
  6. Very fast and responsive interface (this is a key benefit Helium 10 holds over JungleScout)
  7. New Content Produced Regularly:
    • Freedom Ticket: Comprehensive Amazon sellers course included with any paid plan.
    • Project X: Bradley Sutton goes through real-time case studies on what it truly takes to find and sell a product on Amazon. From 0 to 100, this is highly informative.
    • Series Sellers Podcast: Bradley interviews relevant Amazon sellers and faces in the space, often coming out with tips and newly discovered tactics to improve your own business. Helium 10 new features and updates are discussed.


  1. Price requires commitment, but it is worth it.
  2. For Helium 10 Platinum users, no PPC management tool is available (Diamond and Elite have full PPC tool access).
  3. Sheer amount of tools and system takes time to learn for newer sellers

Seller Tool Name Helium 10
Type Amazon all-in-one tool
Company Location United States
CEO Manny Coats
Best For Sellers who want one tool for all their business needs
Price $97 and up depending on plan

FBA Global Score: 9.5 out of 10


helium 10 coupon code

13 comments on “Helium 10 Review – [50% Off Coupon] | Escape the 9 to 5 with Helium 10’s FBA Product Research Tools

  1. You know, when I first read the title of this article I was convinced that this had something to do with actual helium that makes your voice high-pitched ha ha! Sorry that that is off topic but anyway, this has really been interesting. I did not hear about this program before I have been looking into Amazon programs but this is definitely a new one and an interesting one that I just started learning a little bit about

    1. Ha!  Not sure Helium 10 has the high-pitched voice enhancer yet but I’m sure it’s in their next release 😉

  2. I was first reading about Jungle Scout and Viral Launch. And I came to the conclusion Viral Launch has features Jungle Scout does not have. Some of them are PPC automation and listing split testing. But Jungle Scout offers more robust support for every aspect of selling on Amazon, from product research to business management. So it was hard to make up my mind which was best.
    But now that I’m reading about Helium 10, and see they have a Mobile App, it has made me decide on Helium 10.

    1. You can’t go wrong with Helium 10.  The issue with some other tools is that they don’t do everything you need.  If this requires the subscription for a second tool, then it becomes financially and organizationally beneficial to consolidate to Helium 10. 

  3. Looks like a great product for people trying to sell on Amazon. I can’t imagine how tight the competition on there must be, so tools like this would be invaluable. The coupons you’re offering are fantastic as well. 10% off for life is a huge deal of savings if you’re in this for the long run. I think if I were trying to sell my products on Amazon I would give this a try.

    1. Absolutely! Helium 10 is the best overall Amazon tool in my opinion.  There’s a ton of other solid ones (see Jungle Scout, Viral Launch & Sellics) but Helium 10 just gives you so much for under $100 a month (less with our discount ;)!

  4. Hey . Thank you for the in-depth review of Helium 10.It looks like a must have for all amazon sellers . There is no need to waste time on trying things yourself if there is a tool like this that can simplify your work and save you time. It looks like a tried and tested tool thus one can only hope for positive results.We mostly fail in business because we always wanna buy into a DIY save money approach. in the process we waste time and lose motivation.

  5. This is a very detailed review for Helium 10. I’ve heard about the product but never bothered to check it until recently since I want to try as an Amazon FBA seller. I’m really surprised they offer so much for their free plan, even without credit card commitment or trial period! I think it will be safe to try their product before purchase their paid plan. However, is it possible to just use the free plan even if I’ve been a long-time FBA seller?

    1. Great question, yes!  Helium 10 lets any Amazon seller use the free plan indefinitely.

      You are able to connect your Seller Central account and access the tool’s free features.

      Additionally, Helium 10 offers a 30 free trial to their Platinum plan that gives Amazon FBA sellers or any size more access in the first 30 days.

  6. Hey, great to see Helium 10 still going strong…I spent a long time researching and learning FBA, I also used helium 10, over jungle scout I believe it was called. I also learned a few things from Sharon Evens, Shes great, as well as Bradley Sutton.

    I chose the affiliate marketing route, a Great article, and excellent information.


  7. Although I haven’t started an FBA business, it is definitely something on the list of things to do. I am currently working on another online business, but once I get this one up and off the ground I will likely be looking at FBA. I am going to bookmark this page, as this seems like a great tool. I think having the right resources at your disposal are a huge asset when trying to start and grow a business, and this is something I would certainly consider to be a valuable asset. Great post, will save for later!

    1. Great plan Alex, one at a time!  Do try it with Helium 10 to start, it’ll safe you countless hours and thousands!

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