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Jungle Scout in 2021 – Is it still worth the money?

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As Jungle Scout is the oldest and most well-known tool for Amazon sellers, most successful Amazon sellers have used Jungle Scout for a period in their Amazon FBA careers.  This up-to-date 2021 Jungle Scout review will answer all your questions from what is Jungle Scout all the way to the details of each tool the software includes (including the handy dandy Jungle Scout Calculator).

I’m writing this with the hopes the use of Jungle Scout, or other Amazon FBA tools, helps you earn the passive income.  Once you begin earning  your first dollar in passive income, the dreams of quitting your job and moving full time into Amazon FBA becomes within reach. Selling on Amazon has changed my life and it truly can do the same for you.  That said, without using a tool you are playing a dangerous guessing game that’s no better than gambling.  If you are considering Amazon FBA, do yourself a massive favor and try a tool out. 

Jungle Scout is an all-in-one Amazon FBA web-based research tool that assists sellers in building a productive Amazon FBA business. Jungle Scout’s software makes finding your next item much simpler with data-backed analytics from Amazon, permitting sellers to settle on informed data-driven choices.  Jungle Scout has both a primary web-based platform and a Jungle Scout Chrome Extension.  These are sold as separate offerings or combined.

The key value of Jungle Scout is to save sellers time now to set them up for the future.


What is Jungle Scout?

The old dog of Amazon FBA was founded way back in the Wild, Wild West days of 2014 by CEO Greg Mercer, does have new tricks in 2021.

Before Jungle Scout, sellers had to manually perform research by devouring the Amazon catalog and analyzing the competition.  This involved massive spreadsheets and reliance on intuition.  It also meant countless hours spent before committing to a new product.  Jungle Scout filled a much-need hole in the market, as many third-party sellers were fending for themselves while deciding what products to sell.  Jungle Scout made the product research process a system. Within that system came data estimates based on the real-time Amazon catalog. Through use of data and estimates, Jungle Scout has provided sellers a tool to scour the market in mere seconds. Its allowed sellers to find winning products, spy on top competition and gain insights into parts of the Amazon catalog they never knew existed. Through this added value, Jungle Scout has allowed small-time FBA sellers to scale faster and without nearly as much wasted spend. In this review, I’ll take a deep dive into Jungle Scout’s features, usability and comparison with other Amazon FBA tools.

Jungle Scout is built for Amazon sellers of all shapes and sizes.  The basic Subscription starts at just $29 per month (both of these prices are assuming an annual subscription). This Basic subscription gives you access to the web service but not the chrome extension.  A subscription with both the web-service and chrome extension begins at $49 per month. Jungle Scout’s service is more suitable for those just starting out in Amazon FBA. Finding profitable products is what successful Amazon selling is all about.  It’s nearly impossible to validate product ideas without the use of a service.  This is why we recommend Jungle Scout to those starting out as a way to remove the mystery around the Amazon catalog.

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In the past Jungle Scout offered the Chrome extension separately from the subscription plan.  In 2021, the company updated their pricing plans and no longer offers the extension by itself.  See below for the current pricing models (we’ll update as needed if the pricing changes again).


AnnualJungle scout pricing



Jungle scout pricing


FBA Global Exclusive Pricing 


FBA Global readers get 10%, 20% or 30% off depending on the plan that best suites your business.  I highly recommend the 3 month plan.  If you are reading this and are in analysis paralysis in terms of starting your Amazon FBA business, giving yourself future commitments is the best way to start.  Give yourself a 3 month commitment and watch what happens in 3 short months.  Your life opens up when you  begin a new opportunity.  Within 8 months of starting my FBA business, I quite the corporate CPA job I strongly disliked.  Before that happened, I took a leap of faith into a business I knew little about and boom.  One after another opportunities began popping up.  Things I would’ve never had access to before I took this leap of faith.  Alright, back to the content after my sidebar!

Click here or the graphic below to take you to the pre-populated discount page with our FBA Global exclusive JungleScout discounts.

JungleScout Coupon code

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension


jungle scout chrome extension

The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension (called Jungle Scout Pro 2.0) integrates seamlessly with the live Amazon catalog to help you find profitable products and validate these products a very quick way.  You’re able to see real-time product and customer data on any product page within Amazon.  The extension has many built-in features that all automatically sync with the Amazon catalog as you’re scrolling through the Amazon catalog.  This is my favorite part of Jungle Scout, being able to browse Theraguns (I’m addicted) while seeing the sales metrics is beneficial, plus extremely fun. I’m able to gain valuable insights into the Amazon catalog without having to leave the tab I’m on.  This is highly underrated (is it?).Check out the the image below for what the catalog looks like in general.


How to Use Jungle Scout Pro 2.0

Once you have signed up for an account and have a Jungle Scout login, take these steps to get JungleScout Pro up and running.

1. Download and Install Jungle Scout Extension and Activate in Chrome.

2. Using Google Chrome, go to Amazon’s homepage.

3. Enter the search term you want to research.

4. Once the results appear, navigate to the top right corner of the browser and click the orange “JS” logo.

5. Wait 5-10 seconds for the extension to fully synchronize with the Amazon catalog

6. Filter the products by first to last by clicking on the name of each category.

7. Remove any irrelevant products that show up for your search by hovering over the number and clicking the “X”

8. Analyze the results to see if they fit within your product criteria.


Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Features

The biggest challenge with Amazon FBA is the uncertainty it brings with it.  Are people going to buy my product?  Is this market too competitive?  What the potential profit margins?


jungle scout extension chrome


For several years, Jungle Scout Pro has been doing all of this calculation for you.  To make it even easier, the data science built into the extension give an Opportunity Score based on demand and supply of the market you are searching.  I personally like to use the tool to do product research and compile a list of potential products to source.  The extension does more than just Product Research in 2021. Jungle Scout Pro 2.0 comes equipped with the following features.

When the Extension is active, it generates a list of the top 16 product listings for the search term you entered.  Example:


jungle scout chrome extension


Pro Tip: you can hover over a listing and it will display a thumbnail of the product’s main photo.  You can click this at any time to go directly to that product’s detail page.


Product Information

1. Price

2. Estimated fees

3. Listing Quality Score

4. Best Sellers Rank Tracking

5. Category Rank


Product Insights

1. Daily & Monthly Sales Data

2. Google Trend Analysis

3. Historical Product Data

4. Date First Available, Rating, Number of Reviews, Weight, Dimensions

5. Type of Seller (FBA, FBM, AMZ)


Opportunity Score Grade


what is junglescout


The AccuSales Algorithm gives a score from 1-10 on the profitability of the keyword you’re researching. This score is based on a data cocktail of demand, competition and page one listing quality to deliver you key insight on product potential.


Request a Review

Integrated within Amazon Seller Central review requests are sent to those who have purchased your product and have had it successfully delivered. You can set up this feature for FBA orders to be sent between 4 and 30 days old!

Note: this is separate from the Email Automation feature within launch where you can handcraft an email to be sent to buyers. The Request a Review feature send a generic email that has the ability for buyers to select the stars they want to rate the product without having to navigate to their Orders page. The best strategy is to use both for optimal review numbers.


Search Page and Product Page Overlays

The extension’s built-in overlays have the capability to display additional info on search and product pages.   Get valuable data without navigating anywhere but the page and browser you’re on.  This helps keep the overall speed of your browsing steady!!!!!


Search Page Overlay

what is jungle scout


Product Page Overlay

The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension also gives you the ability to both customer your search and download information via CSV and share directly on social media.  This allows you to take the valuable insights with you rather than continually performing duplicate searches on Amazon.


what is jungle scout

Jungle Scout Web – 7 Key Features

The standard jungle scout web-service is called Jungle Scout Seller.  As mentioned before, the plan has three subscriptions: Basic, Suite and Professional.  In the interest in valuable internet real estate, let’s skip the differences and discuss the nuts and bolts of Jungle Scout’s service.  Web extension key features:


1. Product Database

This tool is a product-finding machine with the power to filter Amazon’s product catalog in a matter of seconds.  The tool contains 70 million products pulled directly from Amazon.com.  By using, you’ll be able to organize and explore all product ideas set within the criteria you lay out.


what is junglescout


Find the needle in the haystack by having a clear idea of what you’re looking for before using the tool.


2. Product Tracker

The Jungle Scout Product Tracker allows you to compare product ideas and confidently choose your next big-ticket item. It’s also a great resource for organizing Amazon ASINs, both your own and competitors.  Product tracker refreshes multiple times a week on its own and YOU CAN FORCE AN AUTO-SYNC, so  you know you’re getting the most accurate data on the market.


jungle scout review - product tracker


Product Tracker monitors potential product ideas over time, giving you feedback on each product’s performance.  This allows you to track sales, price, best sellers rank and inventory of a potential market.


3. Opportunity Finder

Do you have a category in mind but aren’t sure how to validate your idea?  This is the tool for you.  Quickly discover profitable Amazon niches within Jungle Scout’s revamped Opportunity Finder.  Evaluate your niche’s supply and demand so you’re only entering High-Demand and Low-Competition areas.   It also helps you discover emerging trends to ensure you’re entering a growth market.


what is junglescout - opportunity score


Examples of key questions this tool will help you answer:

  1. What category would be good to enter with my first product?
  2. What categories are too competitive to enter as a new seller?
  3. What categories have the highest and lowest competition?

In my opinion, the Opportunity Finder is the most valuable Jungle Scout tool because none of the data shown by this tool is available on the Amazon catalog.  How else could you find the competition for a category in general?  This helps nip in the bud ‘shiny object’ product categories that are highly competitive before you invest thousands to enter that market. At the same time, you’re able to see Listing Quality Scores among top listings in a niche so you know exactly what it would take to outrank them.


4. Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout is the perfect tool for keyword research. Instantly generate countless high-converting keywords that will increase exposure on your product. You simply enter the keyword and search terms related to a product and immediately view highly relevant keywords.  This view includes relevancy, ease to rank and search volume per month so that you are targeting the right keywords.  It also includes a Recommended PPC bid amount that you can use to create ad campaigns.


what is junglescout - keyword scout


Keyword Scout also gives you the ability to drill down into a keyword and look at historical search trends of the data.  A huge bonus for ensuring your potential product isn’t a one-hit wonder.


5. Supplier Database

This is a first of its kind feature for Amazon FBA Sellers.  This tool automatically searches Alibaba’s database for high-quality suppliers of the product you’re targeting.   With the click of a button, you have access to authentic supplier and pricing data.


what is junglescout - product sourcing


6. Sales Analytics

If you’re like most small business owners, you don’t have a full-time CPA to give you snapshots of the financial performance of your company.  This is exactly what is available via the Sales Analytics tool.  It is your hub for all things financial-related.   See profit and loss information on a company-wide and product-specific view so you’re aware of exactly what is happening in your business.


what is junglescout - sales analytics


7. Inventory Manager

Automate your inventory process with this Inventory Management tool.  It gives you product lead and restock data and allows you to set up restock alerts once your inventory gets to a certain number.  By accurately predicting how much inventory you should be ordering, it helps Amazon sellers avoid stockouts (out-of-stock listings) and long-term storage fees.  This data-driven inventory management system will save you countless hours in your Amazon FBA business.

what is junglescout - inventory manager


8. Marketing

This tool, formerly known as “Launch”, has two main features: product listing promotions and email outreach to customers.


jungle scout review - email and marketing module


Product Promotion allows you to create custom coupons and discounts to help boost sales.

Email Outreach allows you to set up automated email flows directly to customers.  These are sent from the Amazon system and can confirm whether the product has been received while requesting reviews.  Data has shown that sending an email to request a review generates increases your odds by more than 100% percent of receiving a reviews. In Amazon FBA, reviews are GOLD!!!


9. Alerts

This tool allows you to monitor specific products that you’re tracking or currently selling for changes in price, reviews or best sellers’ rank. Alerts are set up to notify you via email as frequently as you wish.  Having product change data handy allows you to make better informed decisions quickly.

jungle scout review - daily email snapshot

Bonus: Jungle Scout Academy and Jungle Market



The Jungle Scout Academy is a members-only training resource.  It is included with any subscription plan. It’s a fully comprehensive Amazon seller course that incorporates the use of Jungle Scout into its training.  Each section has a video, as well as veteran tips and insights that is an amazing learning tool.  The Academy’s most valuable content includes:

Tutorials on navigating all of Jungle Scout’s features

Step-by-step training on selling for Amazon (targeted at beginner sellers).

In-depth videos on technical topics with insight from valuable in-house experts.


Jungle Market


Access the best and most cost-effective Amazon freelancers.  This exclusive network give you access to Copywriters, Product Photographers, Product Designers, PPC Experts, Shipping Logistic Experts and VAs all in one place.  Have the peace of mind to know you are saving time and money while outsourcing key roles in your business.  Having this network built into the Jungle Scout tool is a good reminder that you cannot do everything alone in your business.  Use this tool to help your business with day-to-day tasks as you spend time focusing on FBA growth.


jungle scout review - jungle market

Jungle Scout Web App vs Extension

The Chrome Extension is a snippet view of all product info on Amazon. It’s intended for use on the Amazon website, while browsing the catalog.

  • Both the extension and web-app can be used to build your Amazon FBA business.  Key differences:
  • Extension runs on Amazon’s website, web-app runs exclusively on JungleScout.com
  • Extension, connecting your Seller Central account is not needed. As long as you’re browsing via Chrome or Firefox, and it is run on one of the pages mentioned above, the tool will work. To properly access all of Jungle Scout web services’ features seller features, you must connect your Seller Central account.
  • Extension helps speed up a research process, whereas the web-app will slow you down.  Note: not  in a bad way, but it does require using two different data sources at a time. This is where you keep items & do more extensive research on what you find in the extension.
  • Web app’s software is more robust and complex with extra features. The web app should be thought of as your database and the chrome extension should be your go-to, quick view of a certain product or keyword.
  • Though both sources of info come from Jungle Scout’s AccuSales, the data from Web App to chrome extension can be vastly different.  Jungle Scout claims this is due to the frequency of the tool updates.
  • Extension: updates in real-time
  • Web App: updates two to three times per week.    That said, you can force a data refresh from the web app by clicking the button below.

Using Jungle Scout Web and Extension Together


Having two different offerings is great, but how do they work together?

Use the two tools together can help you have an On-Amazon and Off-Amazon duo to assist in the following:

  • Launch products, boost your rank, request reviews and grow your FBA business.
  • Identify a product idea from the database.
  • Validate market demand and supply while browsing.
  • Add products you are interested in to the Product Tracker to track over time.
  • Find a high-quality supplier to produce your product via Supplier Database
  • Use Keyword Scout to find search terms to include in your product listings and Amazon PPC campaigns.
  • Take your most valuable keywords and craft a million-dollar product listing via Listing Builder.
  • Send personalized emails to your customers, ensuring they know a face is behind the brand and requesting a review. Countless data has shown this helps boost your product search SEO and conversion rates.

Run both seamlessly as there is one-click functionality from the Chrome Extension to “Add to Product Tracker”, “Look Up Keywords” and “Find Suppliers” that automatically syncs up to the web version.


Free Tools & Resources


Jungle Scout Free FBA Profit Calculator

Jungle Scout has a built-in calculator that allows you to see a product’s profit margin before you ever purchase it.  This is in-depth calculator is worth using on new product ideas to get a more complete picture. How to use effectively:

1. Enter unit and fixed costs

Fixed includes Product Design & Customization Costs

2. Enter Marketing Costs

Includes general PPC, any launch costs & Off-Amazon Marketing

3. Hit Save and view your Gross Margin Calculations.

You can easily run this on many different products or over time on one, by creating new tabs within the workbook.


Jungle Scout Sales Estimator Tool

Enter the Best Seller’s Rank (BSR) of any product in the Amazon catalog and the free Sales Estimator will give a Monthly Sales Estimate.   This will differ among product categories.  BSR is a critical metric to know ahead of entering any market, so having free access to this tool is a nice value-add from the Jungle Scout team.


Jungle Scout Listing Grader

Jungle Scout will analyze your listing for free within their Listing Grader tool.  Once you have a complete listing, take it over to the tool and Jungle Scout’s tool will give you a grade.  Watch as the tweaks you make to your listing increase and decrease your score.  This is helpful for a listing’s conversions and your own education into just what the hell a fully optimized Amazon Listing actually looks like.  Spoiler: there’s no one-size fits all, so if you figure out how to crack the Listing Grader’s scoring guide:

1. Good, you are probably on to something that translates well on Amazon.

2. Make sure you are still building listings with humans in mind.  An algorithm is great, but Algorithms aren’t the ones buying the products (yet….)


Million Dollar Case Study

This YouTube series was started by CEO Greg Mercer all the way back in 2015.  The goal was to film, produce and publish content showing the use of the Jungle Scout tool to earn $1 million dollars selling on Amazon.  Well – fast forward to today, they’re well over $1 Million in sales but the current season is structured just like the past ones – following the process from Product Research all the way to Amazon Dollars.  Greg and the team (other members are now featured) do not leave out any detail of the process and this is some awesome content to watch if you want to see the blood, sweat & tears it takes to build a product.


E-Book – The Ultimate Guide to Finding Products that Sell

Another absolute horse of free content.  This animal is packed with product ideas, niche ideas and everything TO NOT DO while you’re launching products.  Take a spin through this in your down time and your product research will see a massive boost.


State of the Amazon Seller

Junglescout surveys thousands of sellers every year to gain key insights from their tools usability and Amazon’s market as a whole.  This report is cleaned, polished and published to all for free.  Use the link in the title to read the 2021 report.


Free Trial – None Offered in 2021

As mentioned, Jungle Scout does not offer a free trial in 2021.  They do offer a no-questions asked 14-day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the software.  This can be treated much like a Free Trial, if you do choose to test the product and don’t like the goods they’re coming with  – REMEMBER to cancel your subscription and request a reimbursement within 14 days of the subscription start date.

Jungle Scout Data – AccuSales


Is Jungle Scout the Most Accurate Amazon Sales Data?

This is the question I often ask myself when deciding on a tool to subscribe to.  If I’m going to spend hard-earned (and passive now 😉 ) dollars on a subscription, I want to be sure the data they’re showing is as close to 100% what’s on the Amazon catalog as possible.


jungle scout review - data accuracy


The Jungle Scout team has invested an extensive amount of time and money into the accuracy of the data they provide.  Every Amazon FBA seller is relying on data, some of which is less accurate than you may be aware.  Jungle Scout ’s investment into their AccuSales data has paid off and has made them the clear leader in data accuracy among the Amazon seller tools.  What do these results say?  They show that the investment by Jungle Scout is paying off in terms of data accuracy.  Being able to trust the Jungle Scout tool is a major differentiator.

I have found Jungle Scout to be accurate close to 100% of the time.  If data accuracy is your concern in what you are seeing from the web app or Chrome Extension, be relieved. The Jungle Scout data is more accurate, according to recent tests, than any other popular Amazon seller tool.



About Jungle Scout

Founded in 2014 by CEO Greg Mercer.  A data scientist and Amazon selling expert, who leads many of the Jungle Scout webinars and trainings himself.  Per Greg Mercer, here’s what’s on tap for 2021.


Recent Updates

Review Automation

  • Review requests are now integrated within Amazon’s API so that you do not have to request reviews anymore. The Jungle Scout extension does this automatically.

What’s Next for Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout’s 2021 initiatives are focused on increasing the accuracy of data within the application.  As the team has realized all-in-one Amazon seller tools give the user as much (if not more) as they need, the key focus is on data improvement rather than increasing the number of tools in the toolbox.


March 2021 Update:

Jungle Scout acquired PPC campaign management tool, Downstream in an acquisition in March 2021.  We imagine this will take some time, but this likely means Jungle Scout will be adding a PPC management tool some time this year.  

See the full news article of Jungle Scout’s acquisition of Downstream.


Jungle Scout Alternatives

The main JungleScout alternatives are:

  1. Helium 10
  2. Sellics
  3. Viral Launch

Helium 10 is more comprehensive than Jungle Scout.  In my humble opinion, it is able to do everything Jungle Scout can do, but better.  This includes drilling down into keyword and product research further.  Helium 10’s site speed is also faster than Jungle Scout’s, which is a huge factor when you’re using these tools every day.  For a full breakdown on the Helium 10 use the link below where you can compare the two services.

Check out my full Helium 10 Review to thoroughly compare the features and differences of each tool.

Click the links to check out our entire section of Amazon Seller Tools and All-in-One Software.



Jungle Scout Exclusive Discounts


jungle scout review - junglescout coupon code


Enjoy the perks of being an FBA Global reader by getting up to 30% off your initial subscription to Jungle Scout.  Simply CLICK HERE to be redirected to the discount page on Jungle Scout!

Summary & Review Score



  • Pricing: Jungle Scout offers all-in-one Amazon seller tools for a fraction the cost of many of its competitors.
  • Data has been shown to be the most accurate among Amazon tools
  • Product research tool complexity.
  • Supplier database is the first and only product sourcing tool of its kind.
  • Google Chrome Extension that doesn’t require the user to leave the Amazon Catalog
  • Excellent training: Step-by-step guide is provided on how to use the Jungle Scout tool
  • Responsive customer support team that is well-trained
  • Jungle Scout webinars and ‘Tool Tips’ produced regularly


  • No Jungle Scout free trial
  • Web research tool does not include search volume estimates with a standard license
  • Cannot upload bulk ASINs
  • No PPC management tool
  • Slow responsiveness of site and Amazon catalog when Chrome Extension is in use
  • Financial section is not expansive enough for finance-savvy sellers
  • Fewer tools and less effectiveness compared to Helium 10, Viral Launch and Sellics

There’s good reason Jungle Scout is the most popular Amazon seller tool.  Starting at under $40 a month, the Basic subscription plan comes with an abundance of features, all of which are extremely user friendly.  In addition to being the most cost-effective tool on the market, Jungle Scout comes with a bevy of resources for early sellers, such as the training module and marketplace.  Jungle Scout been tested to be #1 in data accuracy among Amazon tools. For this reason, we highly recommend subscribing to Jungle Scout as soon as you begin your Amazon FBA Journey.

If you are a more advanced Amazon FBA seller, there are more robust Amazon tools that will provide data to you in a more valuable way. Jungle Scout’s tools are amazing, but somewhat limited in terms of scaling your business.  You also do not receive the amount of Financial Data and meaningful insights you’ll need to grow to a million dollar Amazon FBA seller. This is why, I recommend Helium 10 over Jungle Scout to anyone who is committed to Amazon FBA for the long-term.

I highly recommend signing up for the basic bundle for all new sellers.  It’s the easiest way to get your feet wet on Amazon tools and the insights Jungle Scout gives cannot be overlooked.

Seller Tool Name Jungle Scout
Type All-in-one tool
Company Location United States
CEO Greg Mercer
Best For Early Amazon sellers who want a tool that can do it all
Price Full plans start at $69 per month depending on plan, extension starts at $29 per month

FBA Global Review Score: 8 out of 10

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  1. This is a very comprehensive review of Jungle Scout and also the Chrome extension. I have heard about Jungle Scout before, but did not know what it was all about and the advantages of using Jungle Scout if you want to be a successful seller on Amazon. 

    There is a lot of information in this review, so I will bookmark it to go through all the pricing levels again to see which plan will be best for my needs. Thanks for the detailed post.

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