If you are an Amazon Seller, you’re likely running your business with a few different tools and software suites. When using a diverse suite of tools, it is difficult to keep everything in one place. When my Amazon business grew to a certain size, I was unable to keep it all in front of me. Then came Manage by Stats, the most comprehensive Amazon management tool.  In this Amazon Seller tool review, we everything under the sun for the tool, from the Manage by Stats login to an exclusive coupon code.

As with any tool, the key to their true value and application for a given business depends on the tasks that it’s suited for and the tasks that it’s not. Manage by Stats is, in my opinion, a tool for the super-Seller, the Amazon Advanced user. What makes Manage by Stats superior to other tools is that it’s not only a tool for promoting products. Manage by Stats can be a powerful tool to help you analyze and track the true performance of your own Amazon business, analyze the performance of others in your industry, and more. Manage by Stats.

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What is Manage by Stats?

Manage by Stats is the Amazon sales analytics tool that I was missing. Manage by Stats provides product sales performance graphs that are customizable by brand, product category, individual product and customer segment. Through this dynamic Amazon statistics tools, your customer and financial information becomes immediately accessible. Further, the Amazon email system is integrated with the software so that MBS can help to increase your review and customer feedback score.

It’s easy to see your true income from Amazon with ManageByStats. Through entering product costs, you can access vital data instantly, including:

  • Sales in real-time
  • ROI
  • Margins
  • Promotion efficiency

You could also evaluate your refunds by any date or range and other statistics.


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Manage by Stats makes providing the best customer service simple. With the SellerMail tool, automated messages help you get more feedback and send mass emails to help your brand flourish. You will see repeat buyers and other Amazon customers by accessing the entire customer database to more efficiently sell your goods.


The Core Features of Manage by Stats are the following:


  1. Profit Dashboard
  2. Product Finder Tool
  3. Keyword Scout – Product Research Tool
  4. Distiller & WordSmith – Listing Optimization Tools
  5. Keyword Tracking
  6. Customer Database
  7. Transactions Database
  8. 1,000 Follow Up Email Autoresponder Messages Per Month
  9. Feedback & Review Monitoring
  10. Inventory Management
  11. Multiple Seller Accounts
  12. Chrome Extension

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ManageByStats Tools and Features


Seller Tools

Sellers can access a comprehensive range of resources through Seller Tools: the profit dashboard, reports, graphs, reviews, inventory, and more. These tools were created by its creators to help Amazon sellers handle any business.

Profit Dashboard

Understanding the profit dashboard is a surefire way to focus your business on the items costing you money. Manage by Stats offers sellers an all-in-one look at critical metrics required by Amazon businesses. For today, yesterday, last month, or even last year, sellers will have access to their profit margins.

Based on particular categories or products, Amazon sellers could also create their dashboards.


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Every dashboard can be configured to allow vendors to add the correct widgets for their needs:

  • Key metrics of performance
  • Graphs
  • Statistics of Sales
  • Payouts from Amazon
  • Restock Warnings
  • Email Graphs and Other Stats

Sellers can organize widgets in a particular way and even access statistics for date ranges for even more convenience. With the all-in-one method of Manage by Stats, Amazon sellers can manage their businesses appropriately.


Statistical Management

Amazon sellers will see complete financial breakdowns, whether they are searching for refunds or promos, with Manage By Stats precise statistical management services. They will have access to sales, marketing expenses, and even Amazon fees and can sort by any date set.


Historical Graphs View

Manage by Stats also offers graphs showing the performance of products and consumer engagement. You can see the most important statistics by brand, a seller account, the marketplace, or individual goods with these graphs.

It is possible to graph many statistics, including:

  • Net profits
  • Sales profits
  • Profit
  • Impressions
  • Ad expenses

Sellers can easily access the patterns or click-through rate of their Amazon payouts. You will gain insight into your organization as a whole by visualizing the performance of your Amazon business using the historical graph view.


Product Grouping and Management

If you want to conquer Amazon FBA, it is important to understand how your product performs thoroughly. To do this, sellers should know their ratings, goods prices, income, and even the percentage of their unit session.

Sellers will gain much-needed control of their Amazon business with the versatile product management tools.

It’s simpler than ever to keep track of your Buy Box and many other critical metrics for your marketplace with the customizable tools from ManageByStats. The product management tools lets you learn all at a glance about your product listing.


Customer Database

Amazon sellers will see their top customers easily with the all-in-one client database. This also helps them to match orders, view transactions, and decide who are repeat customers with order histories.

Amazon business owners can match customers with the right orders instantly with this information and create lists for customers based on their purchased products.


Transactions Database

Relevant details related to transactions are often hard to find in Seller Central. Manage by Stats has developed a robust transaction database because of this.

Sellers can evaluate their transactions by date range, product line, brand, and several other modifiers in one look. Business owners will use the data to improve traffic to their page with this enhanced transaction knowledge.


Feedback and Reviews Monitoring

The most significant aspect of selling on Amazon is arguably feedback. Good news is Manage by Stats has an Amazon customer feedback module.

This feature allows business owners to easily click links to go to customer orders directly, use reviews to shape emails, and manage star ratings for each item.


Inventory Management

It’s easy to gain a competitive advantage on Amazon with ManageByStats inventory management tool. By developing SKU tags, setting a maximum order quantity, and providing more insight, this tool organizes data.


With SellerMail, the generation of perfect automated emails for clients has never been easier. Amazon sellers will boost sales with these follow-up emails and make the business even more effective.

Advertising Manager

Business owners can increase both revenue and profits with Manage by Stats advertising manager tool. Manage by Stats tracks bid histories, improves campaigns, many and more with functionality not accessible from Seller Central.


The Catapult tool allows Amazon sellers to optimize their written content and keywords. For optimization, the wordsmith, keyword scout, and distiller tools evaluate the keywords.


SellerBlast is a tool available exclusively from ManageByStats. Sellers could use Amazon email addresses to create email campaigns.

Product Finder

The product finder tool makes it easy for Amazon sellers to categorize product opportunities ready to launch the newest and hottest product.


Who is ManageByStats For?

Manage by Stats has all the functionality they need for Amazon sellers looking to increase their sales and overall business. The statistical management tools help sellers organize information by date range, product line, and other variables.


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Other unique tools, such as SellerMail, allow business owners to give their clients automated emails.


Manage By Stats Pricing

Amazon sellers can launch their new business with the starter plan, which includes the following, for just $25 per month:


manage by stats pricing

  •  All starter tools
  •  Free 14-day trial
  •  Profit dashboard
  •  Keyword tracking
  •  Supports multiple seller accounts

For more advanced Amazon sellers with specific requirements, there are also customized plans:

  • All professional tools
  • Dedicated server
  • Connects up to 19 seller accounts
  • Expert listing analysis

FBA Global Exclusive Offer

Manage by Stats has been kind enough to give FBA Global readers a special offer. Sign up for an Elite Membership through this link and receive 2,000 automated emails a month via Manage by Stats SellerMail program. That’s double the typical 1,000 emails and will help larger Amazon sellers grow with Manage by Stats.


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Summary & Review Score

Manage by Stats for Amazon Sellers who need to improve their profitability. It provides all the functionality necessary for any Amazon Seller to improve their business. It also works well with other Amazon Seller software, so you don’t need to spend additional money to integrate it with other tools. The profit dashboard and the database of transactions allow owners to see how they can communicate with their clients better. From start-up to professional plans, there are many different plans, making them affordable to everyone.

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Overall, for beginners looking for a profit boost, we certainly suggest Manage by Stats. You would have increased knowledge of how your products are selling, and whether your customers are returning, with all this information.


  • Includes advanced PPC data
  • Automated emails allow you to connect with customers
  • Accurate inventory tracking
  • Customer database connects you with repeat customers
  • Free 14-day trial


  • For some clients, personalized plans can be too costly
  • No Product or keyword research tools


Seller Tool Name Manage by Stats
Type Advanced Statistic Tool
Company Location United States
CEO Phillip Jepsen
Best For Sellers looking to improve margins via Advance Statistics
Price $25 per month and up depending on subscription plan

FBA Global Review Score: 8.5 out of 10