Selling your products on Amazon can result in unimaginable sales and profits.  Last year, over 200,000 third-party Amazon FBA sellers sold over $100,000. The opportunity is waiting for the taking and is only growing as e-commerce becomes a mainstay of modern society.  In this Zon.Tools review, we’ll give our overview of all features and software to see if this could be the best Amazon PPC management Software?!

That said,  developing an audience and reaching the right customers can be a difficult task, even with Amazon’s help. Amazon advertising campaigns are a hassle to launch and control without the right tools and the right software to guide you.

Today, we’re going to discuss an Amazon Campaign Management Software that can assist your business get to $100k and beyond is an efficient, profitable manner, Zon.Tools.  Zon.Tools is an Amazon PPC tool that allows the user to optimize their advertising campaigns by catering to the right audiences. It is also an automation software that can assist FBA sellers with many other business critical tasks.

Zon.Tools’ Amazon PPC campaign management software helps assist your business by allowing you to create ads, boost ads, and optimize them directly on the platform. This article reviews Zon.Tools as a software tool and discusses the numerous features and benefits it offers. coupon


What is Zon.Tools?

Zon.Tools is an Amazon PPC management software and automation tool that assists with advertising for Amazon sellers. It is designed to make the entire marketing process easy and convenient for sellers. It automates the entire advertising campaign through a set of sleek features and tools.

You can use Zon.Tools to create customized advertising campaigns according to your product and needs. You can also automate your ad campaigns through this tool, saving you the laborious task of daily PPC campaign management. Zon.Tools can help you reach a larger audience than you originally targeted and may even help you penetrate new marketplaces.

Zon.Tools provides the ability to free you from the burdens of managing PPC advertising campaigns. If you’re a seller with a lot on your plate, Zon.Tools will completely free you from most of the tasks related to advertising.  To achieve this, you provide Zon.Tools with inputs and parameters and it will generate the best possible advertising strategy for you. It will help you meet your targets and goals quickly and efficiently.  With your advertising campaigns under control, you’ll have more time to focus on other segments of your business.

Zon.Tools Review

Amazon PPC Management Software

You can create an Amazon PPC campaign from scratch and develop the entire campaign. Through these effective campaigns, the right customers will approach the website and view your products. In short, Zon Tools will help you grab the attention of potential customers and facilitate the entire purchase process.

Zon.Tools allows sellers to be in direct control of their marketing campaigns.  The campaigns can be automated and advertising costs can be significantly reduced. You need not worry about tedious positioning processes because Zon Tools will handle that for you. You can also modify the campaigns with changing market trends.

In order to accomplish the optimization of Zon.Tools campaign effectiveness, you provide information on your target audience and products. The PPC management system for doing this is easy to learn with a user-friendly interface. Any seller can conveniently use Zon.Tools to enhance advertising campaigns and gain customers.

Zon.Tools is a must-have for any Amazon seller because of its ease of use.  As a busy FBA seller, Zon.Tools can make life so much easier for you. You don’t need to go through a comprehensive learning process. Just a few steps and a short introduction to the software will bring you up to speed.


Key Features and Benefits

Zon.Tools is a well designed PPC management system that is packed with a variety of features, which include the following, depending on the plan purchased:


  • The Keyword Guardian will act as a security guard for your advertising campaign. This is an essential feature because it keeps track of your keywords and phrase usage to ensure effective usage. Low-performing keywords are put on auto-pause.
  • The Keyword Miner works tirelessly to add new search terms. It checks for hot customer keywords that are used frequently and helps with organic growth.
  • The Keyword Recycle (KWR) system keeps track of paused keywords or phrases and recommends new pricing depending on how effective the keywords or phrases are. It evaluates the latest keyword and bid matches to see whether these keywords improve your performance. Also, it provides the outcome of the newest bidding process.
  • Term-Inator is an engine that terminates or removes irrelevant terms in the advertising campaigns. It initiates a sorting process where it removes extraneous terms to make the ad campaign more relevant.
  • The Target Miner feature incorporates well-performing ASIN (Amazon standard identification numbers) numbers to your advertising group.
  • The ASIN-ator engine removes ASINs that are irrelevant. This will enable you to have a more refined campaign that can help match the searches of customers.
  • The Bid Gambler stops you from bidding lower than is necessary. It increases bids if clicks are down.
  • The Bid Nailer works to optimize the bids until the perfect number of bids is reached. It acts as a moderator of the Bid Gambler.
  • The Auto-mate is a tool that helps adjust target bids. It also optimizes keywords to reach your targets.


These features of the Zon Tools will improve your business management and processes in the following ways:

  • Create your own customer PPC advertising campaigns in a matter of minutes. You can automate the campaigns and tailor them according to your needs.
  • Use Zon.Tools for the automatic insertion of keywords it deems have high sales potential.
  • You can reach your keyword and product targets quickly in minutes, with just a few clicks. This will increase your revenue as well as that of Amazon.
  • Zon.Tools allow you to manage your keywords. You can auto lower keywords that are not performing too well.
  • The advertising campaigns will let you reach more customers easily. Your products will be accessible to potential consumers, and you can penetrate new markets and countries easily.
  • Zon.Tools will help you exceed your competition through an effective advertising strategy.


Other Features

In addition to the main modules and features listed above, Zon.Tools offers numerous other features for the every day user. Additional features offered by Zon.Tools include:

  • Creation of Smart campaigns on autopilot.
    • Through Zon.Tools’ 9 algorthim, you have the ability to create more well-optimized PPC campaigns.
  • Large account handling.
  • Multiple campaign management.
  • Search term mining.
  • Automation of bid changing.
  • Automation of Ad groups.


Cutting edge PPC campaign management software like Zon.Tools typically comes at a higher cost. Zon.Tools is reasonably priced with three different plans and prices.

You can purchase your subscription plan based on the features that you need.

  • The Analyzer Plan price point is for those who are on a lower budget. This is the most affordable plan at only $9 a month.   With this subscription choice, you’ll receive more efficiencies in manually managing campaigns, unlimited user usage, no limit on the products, unlimited keywords and basic support.

  • The Master Plan includes keyword recycler, manual ad management, keyword guardian, Bid-Nailer, priority support, Auto-mate, Bid Gambler, unlimited products and keywords, and unlimited users can use it. This plan is only $19 a month.

  • The last price point is the Dominator Plan. This plan is the most expensive at $25 per month. It includes everything available on the Analyzer and Master packages.  It also contains additional features like Keyword Miner, Target Miner, Term-inator, and ASIN- ator, a proprietary PGN structure, upgrades, priority customer support (with Live Chat) and a monthly strategy call as well! The benefits are extensive and only growing!

All three plans can be tested with a $1 one-month trial!  Check it out. If you like it, pay and keep using it. If you don’t like it, well then cancel it whenever you want!

One item to mention, if you are a PPC consultant or Ad Agency, Zon.Tools does offer reduced pricing for those manage several campaigns.

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Summary & Review Score

Zon.Tools has made life much easier for Amazon sellers worldwide. Sellers don’t have to worry about the hassles of the daily grind of PPC management.   Zon.Tools allows sellers to focus on other aspects of their business, such as product development, growth opportunities and customer support.

Although Zon.Tools isn’t as robust as tools like PPC Entourage or Teikametics, Zon.Tools is a valuable tool for an FBA seller to implement in their business. While this software is among the best PPC management software, there is still room for improvement in some areas. Let’s highlight the key pros and cons of this tool.


  • Zon.Tools is straightforward to use with a friendly user interface
  • Automated adjustments to PPC campaigns according to fluctuations in keywords, bids, etc.
  • The smartly developed algorithms are flexible. They adapt easily to your input.
  • Three plans with different pricing are available
  • Advertising campaigns are DFY structured


  • Zon.Tools does not support sponsored brand advertisements (yet!)
  • Automation will at times need updating  

Seller Tool Name Zon.Tools
Type Amazon PPC Automation Software
Company Location United States
CEO Stefano Starkel
Best For PPC Automation and Ad Creation
Price Analyzer ($9/mo), Masterer ($19/mo) Dominator ($25/mo)

FBA Global Review Score: 8 out of 10

For more information on Amazon PPC Tools, head to the full section of Tools and their Reviews. As always, feel free to reach out to the FBA Global team if you have questions!


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