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sellerapp review

SellerApp (previously known as Sellerprime) іѕ аn all-in-one Amаzоn ѕеllеr app wіth features that span Keyword Research through PPC Analysis and Review management. As an Amazon FBA seller, it’s important to remember the first rule in generating traffic is to target the right keywords.  In order to do this properly, it’s essential to use keywords that boost your products.   SellerApp may be the most beloved Amazon seller tool out there, with a 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating and proven increases in user revenue.  In this SellerApp review, we explore the features, pricing and utility of the software, including the PPC campaign management tool that most other Amazon all-in-one tools don’t come with.



What is SellerApp?

SellerApp blends many key features to make your life easier as an Amazon seller. In terms of marketing and SEO, SellerApp is as good as any product out there. Its market research tools allow Amazon sellers to use ‘advanced product intelligence’ to find high potential products with low competition. This proprietary software collects over 300 million data points every day to provide in-depth analytics, including sales and revenue estimates, ratings and more. Everything the SellerApp does and provides is driven by data – giving you the confidence you need to make informed decisions. You can also discover what your competitors are doing, in terms of keywords and trends, to improve your own strategy.  Another important function of SellerApp is the alerts feature, which will notify you of price changes on products you’re watching.

The SellerApp Keyword Research tools are also very useful. With over 135 million keywords in its database, Keyword Research assists you in improving the SEO of your product listings.

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Key Features

The SellerApp main dashboard provides a valuable overview of metrics for your business with actionable insights for improvement.

They Key Features of Seller App include:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Product Research
  3. Product Ideas
  4. Product Keywords
  5. Product Sourcing
  6. Listing Optimization
  7. Seller Watch
  8. PPC Analyzer
  9. Product Alerts
  10. Spy on Competitors
  11. Profit Dashboard

Keyword Research

The SellerApp Keyword Research tool is powerful.  It has a built-in Reverse ASIN function that lets you identify keywords of competitors in your niche.  What are the keywords that will make my business thrive, you ask? Boom, now you know! This is Amazon’s version of its own Keyword Research Plan.  You will need to join the dots between your shopper list products and Amazon’s search engine results to maximize results.

FREE VERSION: SellerApp offers a free version of the Keyword Research tool. Without any requirement to sign up for a SellerApp plan, you get access to search volume and the competition on Amazon’s catalog.  By using this innovative technology, you’re likely to be among the top organic ranks in addition to getting the best positions for your Ads through using the proper keywords.

Product Research

This is SellerApp’s bread and butter function.  It helps ensure you are locating the best-selling niches and keywords before sourcing a product.  This is accomplished by incorporating Search Volume and niche competition to identify high demand, low competition products.  

SellerApp’s Reverse ASIN tool sorts through thousands of products on the Amazon catalog and displays a clean dashboard with analysis.  This analysis comes in the form of revenue estimates, density of competition, average reviews, trend of reviews and number of Amazon sellers offering the same product.

Product Ideas

SellerApp doesn’t only provide data on the products you are currently selling to thrive and fulfill your business goals, but also enables you to locate new products you might be interested in selling based on their current gain and their huge sales and profits.

This tool is especially useful when thinking about expanding your product stock.

Product Keywords

With the help of Reverse ASIN, you will identify competitor products in your exact market. Next step is to convert these competitor product ASINs into keywords. Product Keyword has this automatic ability and will show you the right keywords to use for your listing.

By implementing those keywords on your listings, you will obtain better results on search volume.  Product Keyword also displays the number of units sold per day for the keyword on topic, in addition to the search rank sales.

Product Source

When you need to know which products on Amazon generate profits the quickest, you need to reach for the Product Source tool to see fast selling products and their manufacturers.  This information provides you instant knowledge of which ones sell with the best profits on the Amazon.        

Listing Optimization

If you need to compare listing products at the same time, the SellerApp complimentary Amazon tool can help you evaluate every Amazon listing based on two main sale driving variables: discoverability and desirability of the listing.

SellerApp offers the most effective way to obtain Reverse ASIN data, as well as insight into what Amazon shoppers do when they are on a product site.

The product listings that you identify through this research tool will enable you to appreciate the beauty of merchandise images, and effective bullet points, as well as the product reviews and how they impact a buyer’s decision.

Seller Watch

To be successful on your Amazon FBA journey, you need to keep track of sellers who are your direct competitors.  There are more than 20 million sellers on the platform, so it’s critical to track what your competitors do to understand your market niche. This tool consolidates and maintains an accurate database of the listings in your direct competition space.

PPC Analyzer


sellerapp review

SellerApp’s Amazon PPC Analyzer is where you take control of your Ad campaigns and keep tabs on how they’re performing as well as what you should be optimizing. 

The metrics and recommendations that you receive, will provide insight on how you should be managing advertising campaigns.  The key metrics and recommendations are displayed on a main screen with great clarity and accuracy. The information is thorough with easily understandable examples and tables containing accurate metrics that you can access directly from the SellerApp Dashboard.

Product Alerts

It’s important to always position yourself to be a step ahead in the world of Amazon FBA.  You need to be positioned at all times to know about Amazon’s emerging products.   This is where the Product Alerts feature can be an invaluable resource.  This tool will provide you with alerts at the time intervals and in the product niches that you desire.

Spy on Competitors

This tool provides you with on-going tracking of your competitors so that you can enhance your Amazon listings.   You’ll gain insight on obtaining more customer reviews and performing better with tips and techniques on search engine optimization.

Profit Dashboard

Critical to all Amazon seller’s is the business numbers, specifically the profit numbers.  Though we all would rather avoid diving into the accounting of our business (fun), it’s essential to have a tool that makes this information highly accurate, very current and readily available.

The SellerApp Profit Dashboard shows key financial information and metrics at a detailed level and snapshot view.

SellerApp has created one of the best profit tools in the industry.  With just a glance at the sophisticated Profit Dashboard, you’ll absorb key financial data about your day-to-day sales, performance and bottom line on Amazon.

SellerApp Pricing


sellerapp review

There are four price plans to choose from:

Pro Lite – $99/month

This allows you to track 50 products. It also gives you:

  • Product Research
  • Product Trends
  • Keyword Research
  • Listing Optimization
  • Profit Dashboard
  • Chrome Extension
  • PPC Analyzer
  • Keyword Tracker
  • Index Checker

Professional – $199/month

This allows you to track 100 products. It gives you everything in the Pro Lite plan, plus:

  • Priority Support
  • Team Members
  • Dedicated Success Growth

Enterprise – Price on Request

This gives you access to advanced tools and features, including:

  • API
  • Custom Reports
  • Integration Support

SellerApp also offers a 7-day Free Trial – you can find out more or try it out by Clicking Here.

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Summary and Review Score


  • It has multiple tools under one umbrella, with a centralized dashboard that allows you to see your performance at a glance
  • The market research tools are very smart, pulling in significant data to allow you to make the most informed decisions
  • You can check on what your competitors are doing to improve your own strategy
  • The keyword research tools work well
  • The Amazon Product Optimization Tool can give you actionable improvement points – giving you clear, practical guidance


  • The main downside is that there is a learning curve here – with so many tools and features, it can take time to become oriented to all of the tools available.
  • Expensive intro price. For smaller Amazon sellers, the pricing may be prohibitive.

Seller Tool Name SellerApp
Type Amazon all-in-one tool
Company Location Singapore
CEO Dilip Vamanan
Best For Sellers who want advanced PPC options.
Price $99 and up depending on features

FBA Global Review Score: 8 out of 10