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Seller Labs is a highly beneficial tool for anyone interested in selling on Amazon.  Seller Labs provides entrepreneurs with a solid understanding of how effective Amazon PPC advertisements work and what successful listings look like.  Seller Labs can help build a brand reputation by helping the seller maintain focus on the most fundamental areas of successful business development and promotion.  In this Seller Labs review we go through the key features, pricing an benefits of the software, including a spotlight on Seller Labs Scope and Pro.

What is Seller Labs?  

Seller Labs is an Amazon seller tool that connects with the Seller Central account and provides sellers with all kinds of solutions from keyword/product research, marketing and all the way down to financial analysis. The software is designed in a way that enables Amazon FBA businesses to utilize only specific tools that benefit their business.

Before we begin a comprehensive review of Seller Labs, it’s important to note that the company offers a wide selection of services.  Seller Labs offerings can help Amazon sellers in four main sectors:

  1. Performing keyword/competitor research
  2. Optimizing PPC ad campaigns
  3. Monitoring business performance
  4. Manage customer messaging and feedback



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Seller Labs Pro


Seller Labs Pro is your go-to Amazon all-in-one platform that is designed for FBA sellers who are ready to grow.  Pro offers tools for increasing traffic, maximizing advertising, monitoring business performance and conducting research, all in one place.


Many of the tools listed below are or can be added to the Seller Labs Pro offering. 


A challenge we’ve encountered with Seller Labs is in understanding its full scope of services and what is included with each plan.  We’ve used Seller Labs and are pleased and confident with the services we’ve selected for review.  However, we experienced difficulty understanding how to purchase more services without opening another account.


This may be improved in the near future, but Seller Labs is currently not the most transparent platform to subscribe to, in comparison to the full display of pricing, features and user experience of Helium 10.




  1. Keyword & Product Research – Scope
  2. Amazon PPC Campaign Software – Ignite
  3. Product Reviews & Customer Feedback – Feedback Genius
  4. Inventory and Financials – Quantify

Scope – Keyword & Product Research


Seller Labs version of keyword and product research is called Scope. This dynamic tool has both a web version and chrome extension that integrate seamlessly with each other. Start on the Amazon catalog with Scope’s chrome extension and then save keywords and products to the web.  Scope is set up similarly to other Amazon tool keyword tool/extensions in this way. 


Scope Chrome Extension


Scope’s Chrome Extension makes it easy to use all keyword and product research functions described in the web application while browsing Amazon.  Automatically click to sync what you see to your web accounts lists.  This is helpful for keeping both competitors and keywords within your sight.


When searching for a product, Scope has both a Results and Keywords section:




seller labs scope




seller labs scope


One of Scope’s most unique features is that it will stay open when navigating from search page to product detail page.  Further, once to an actual product listing, scope makes Keyword Suggestions.  In comparison to other Amazon seller chrome extensions like JungleScout Pro and Helium 10 Xray, Scope is the only one to have this function.


Scope has an additional section that suggests possible keywords.  This feature is unique when compared to the other tools we’ve used.  This function can be used to come up with keyword gems for any specific product and works well. 


Product Page View


seller labs scope


Scope comes with a number of features that can provide you with a competitive edge in the crowded marketplace of online merchants on Amazon. These include:


  • Reverse ASIN lookup
  • Product Research
  • Google Chrome Extension

Every Amazon seller knows the importance of selecting the right keywords.  Highly relevant keywords will enable your listings to be seen by enough customers to make consistent sales.  If you are targeting high search volume, using low relevant keywords will result in your listings being viewed by many customers who are not interested in your product.  This is worse than not being seen at all because you will generate clicks and spend dollars without reaping rewards in terms of sales. 


That’s where Scope comes to the rescue. As a keyword research tool, Scope can find profitable keyword targets and helps online merchants discover the best products to sell on Amazon.  Not only is Scope available within Seller Labs Pro, but it also has a Chrome Extension that allows FBA sellers to instantaneously see product information while on the Amazon catalog.  Through our experience using Scope, the Chrome Extension passes the test nicely.  if you’re looking for relevant product information, Seller Labs Scope extension will provide enough to go from zero to product launch.  However, compared to Helium 10’s X-ray, Scope is inferior.


Further when we refreshed search volume data using Scope on a couple of the same product, the results fluctuated by a wide margin.  We repeated this experiment, using the same product/keyword search, and continued to see fluctuations over short periods of time (48 hours max).  Important to remember that this was a few of the terms we sampled, more search volume results stayed consistent than varied. That said, we do wonder how much to trust Scope’s data in comparison to JungleScout and Helium 10 that have their data validated regularly.


Reverse ASIN lookup


Reverse ASIN is an underrated feature for sellers who haven’t consistently used it. In terms of SEO keyword and product research tools, Reverse ASIN is the most useful function you can have.  This is because of the ability to immediately understand what competitors and even unrelated products are ranking for.   More valuable than seeing customer search traffic on keywords is the data showing which keywords are converting to sales for products in your tracker.  Scope’s reverse ASIN lookup feature blows it out of the water.


Reverse ASIN allows you to immediately see what any product in the vast Amazon catalog is ranking for.  Store these keywords in lists and add to your own Keyword Listings with a couple of clicks. Scope’s easy to use Reverse ASIN will allow you to create an action plan to get your product to the top of the list on search results.


Product Research


Seller Labs Scope allows a business to track prices for various products from categories and niches. It also provides insights into rankings, sales and product reviews. Use this information to spy on competitors and use these insights to build a strategy.


Chrome Extension


Scope’s Chrome Extension makes it easy to use all keyword and product research functions described in the web application while browsing Amazon.  Automatically click to sync what you see to your web accounts lists.  This is helpful for keeping both competitors and keywords within your sight.


One of Scope’s most unique features is that it will stay open when navigating from search page to product detail page.  Further, once to an actual product listing, scope makes Keyword Suggestions.  In comparison to other Amazon seller chrome extensions like JungleScout Pro and Helium 10 Xray, Scope is the only one to have this function.

Ignite: Amazon PPC Advertising

Seller Labs Ignite is basically an assistant to help Amazon merchants build a strong brand. This PPC campaign management software is a well designed tool.


One of the most important and unique features of Seller Labs Ignite is that the software was designed so that merchants can use only the specific tools they require. There is no requirement to use all of the available tools.  Browsing through the complete list will enable the merchant to locate the most important tools for their business. Due to the large variety of tools offered, Seller Labs’ Ignite gets well-deserved accolades in our review.


seller labs ignite


Ignite Features:


  • Campaign Copy
  • Suggestion Automation by Type
    • Keyword Harvesting
  • Create and Import Existing PPC Campaigns
    • Optimize Campaigns based on Unique Data Insights

Campaign Copy


Sellers have spent hour after hour attempting to copy a campaign. Some were successful, where others were not. Seller Labs Ignite offers the ability to copy other Amazon PPC campaigns including search terms, bids and keywords.


The ability for Amazon sellers to duplicate profitable campaigns enables the scalability of their business.   This is useful because there is no direct Copy or Duplicate function through the Amazon Advertising console.  Ignite’s function saves the seller time and mind-numbing repetitive work in terms of repeating processes over and over.


Suggestion Automation by Type


The Suggestion Automation function of Seller Labs gives sellers a way to save a significant amount of time. Both small and large FBA sellers can use this feature to optimize Suggestion approvals. Suggestion provides the merchant with the ability to automate the optimization workflow. Ignite offers different types of Suggestions by analyzing the performance of historical campaigns targets.


Seller Lab’s algorithm was created by incorporating best practices of the industry into the back-end code.  You’ll see a Confidence/Importance meter included with every suggested keyword/target to be added.  With this meter comes the projected ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales) based on your campaign and target ACoS input.


Listed below are examples of Ignite Suggestions…


seller labs ignite - amazon ppc management tool

As you can see, within the “Type” column Seller Labs is recommending where keyword bids should be increased or decreased.


The Suggested Action column lists the recommended bid revision.


The Confidence/Importance section is VERY useful.


The green bar represents the confidence Seller Labs has in the specific action and the blue bar represents the importance of that action.


Within any of your Ignite campaigns you set up your target ACoS.


This tells Ignite what you are trying to achieve.


Based on this information Seller Labs makes suggestions to help you reach your targets.


It’s important to remember that it is up to you to interpret the data.


If a suggestion has a VERY high level of importance you may be tempted to approve the actions straight away.  It always pays to spend time interpreting the data before making your decisions.


Create and Import Existing PPC Campaigns


Seller Labs Ignite gives you the ability to include old data from Amazon Advertising campaigns. Though a seemingly routine function, some Amazon PPC campaign management tools only sync data from the time of implementation onward.  It’s valuable to be able to look backwards, immediately, as well.


Overall, Seller Labs Ignite is a powerful AI engine that collects data and analyzes historical performance and trends. It is quite effective is helping to reduce the time needed to manage Amazon PPC campaigns.  Drilling down, you can compare your PPC spend with PPC revenue to quickly see both your ACoS, as well as what percentage of your sales are organic (the more the better so track closely).


I think of Ignite 2.0 as a personal Amazon PPC consultant. It’s ability to make suggestions that have actionable outcomes is impressive.




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Feedback Genius


The Seller Labs Feedback Genius tools assist in generating more customer feedback and ensuring that feedback is positive.  It’s not a stretch to say that a product with more reviews is immediately more credible than one with less (let’s say under 100 for round number purposes).  Feedback Genius changes the game here in terms of how long it takes to pass this threshold.  See below for a quick rundown of just what Feedback Genius can do for your business.


Automate Buyer-Seller Messaging


The Product Reviews and Messaging tool enables sellers to increase their seller feedback score by tailoring buyer messages with headlines that grab readers’ attention.  The ability to generate more reviews without spending additional time or resources to acquire the reviews is a huge value add.  Positive reviews will increase your sales (especially Organic) and can help a product’s margin increase within weeks. 


This tool also allows you to create customer response templates for buyer messages received.


seller labs feedback genius



How to Use Seller Labs to Send Automated Messages


From the Automated Messages tab under Communications in your left navigation, click on the green “Create New Message Strategy” button in the upper right corner of the screen.


Once the green button is clicked, you will be able to Select s Message Template

Templates: You will be able to select any of our pre-fabricated templates for a quick start. Our Templates are organized by the goal of the message. Once a template is selected, click “Continue” at the bottom of the page to preview the message and view its content. If you choose to continue with the template you will be able to edit the message or leave the template as is. Once you are done click “Save and Complete”.


Start from Scratch: Lastly, by selecting the Start from Scratch option, you will be taken to a window with a blank message. From here, you can create content to your liking.


Be sure to set up the  Target ACOS on some of your campaigns. Once you set the Target ACOS, Ignite will begin learning your campaigns and their data and will start generating suggestions based on these numbers (some suggestion types can take up to a week to generate once this is set). 


Be sure to pay attention to the Confidence and Importance levels when you start getting suggestions, as you may not want to accept all suggestions with lower confidence. Read more about what this means here


If you would like to read about different strategies surrounding where to set your Target ACOS, read here


Email Open Rates


The rate of opened email is something you should be tracking in your business.  Ignite helps with targeted messages that will entice customers to actually read their seller feedback.



seller labs quantity - amazon financial data management

This tool allows you to see your profit and loss (P & L) data.  Not only will Seller Labs Quantify show P&L metrics but it will also reveal how effective your selling is for the catalog you currently have.  Quantify also provides insight into what your margins currently are and how much spend is wasted each month. 


This module, although never the most exciting, is beneficial for making diligent FBA business decisions.  REMEMBER, if you don’t know the numbers you don’t know your business.  So, it pays to get acquainted with the data.   You will appreciate this tool for the financial information and insight it provides.


Overall, Quantify is a solid finance and inventory tool.  Like many others, this is the least sexy function in the Seller Labs tool suite, but Seller Labs is up to par in providing all financial data you could possibly want or need to understand the profitability of your business.

Additional Services


Full Amazon PPC Advertising Management


Seller Labs will manage your campaigns directly.  This service starts at $999 a month and is targeted at larger sellers. With the managed services you also get the PPC campaign management software.


Listing Optimization


Seller Labs offers Amazon Listing Optimization for any product you choose.  Seller Labs Listing Optimization is priced at $399.  Though we haven’t used this function of the Seller Labs service, $399 is a bargain compared to having a listing that isn’t optimized.  REMEMBER, all else fails without an optimized listing.  PPC campaigns will not be profitable without a listing that entices customers.  Inventory management is null when your listing isn’t selling. Customer feedback is not relevant until you have customers to provide feedback.


Bottom line, if you have a listing that isn’t selling up to par, pay the $399 or run the risk of being charged long term storage fees.  Or worse, having to create a removal order for your products that are still sitting in the Amazon warehouse. 


Amazon Photo Services


Seller Labs is the only tool we’ve seen that also offers Amazon Photography services.  Talk about all-in-one, this is truly game changing.  Though we haven’t tested it, we’ve observed that Seller Labs is a highly professional photo service that should be considered for your next launch.  Prices are in line with market rates:



amazon photo service - seller labs


Amazon Stores


Seller Labs will also help create your Amazon Store.  This includes:


  • Storefront Creation
  • Hero Banner Image Creation
  • Review and full preview service
  • Post Publish optimization

Messaging Optimization


Give the keys to your customer feedback service to Seller Labs.  They will manage and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your buyers with targeted follow up emails and requests for reviews.

Seller Labs Pricing

Seller Labs pricing is unique in comparison to other Amazon Seller tools in that you only pay for the tools you want.   That said, it’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for before you sign up for Seller Labs so you’re only paying for the tools that you’ll use. Overall, we think the pricing for Seller Labs is way above market average.  If you sell $250k a year, you would be looking at between $119 – $149 a month.  This is much higher than other all-in-one tool plans.  Let’s dive deeper into the pricing.

Seller Labs Pro has five standard plans to meet the business needs of most Amazon sellers. Plans start at $49 a month and increase from there based on annual sales figures—custom plans exist for high-volume sellers. Every new Seller Labs Pro account gets a free 30-day trial. 

  • $49/month: Up to $50,000 annual sales
  • $99/month: $50,001 to $250,000 annual sales
  • $149/month: $250,001 to $1M annual sales
  • $299/month: $1M to $3M annual sales
  • $499/month: $3M to $5M annual sales

$50k and Below

seller labs free trial

$50k – $250k

seller labs pricing - free trial

$250k – $1M

seller labs pricing - free trial

  • Seller Labs Pro. For 50 monthly orders, you pay $79, for 10,000 orders – $299, for 50,000  $999
  • Seller Labs Ignite. You pay $59 for up to $1,000 ad spend, $249 for $5,000 ad spend, and $899 for $25,000 ad spend.
  • Feedback Genius Seller Labs. To find out the price, you need to decide on the volume of emails you want to send each month and the number of products you want to monitor.

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Training and Resources


In addition to all of the Seller Labs tools, they also offer a number of training resources that can help grow your business.  Below is a description of the trainings offered and what you can learn.


  • Seller Labs HQ: 7 Pillars of Successful Amazon Marketing Strategies
    • This module goes step-by-step on how to build a successful Amazon marketing campaign.  Seller Labs HQ includes both on-Amazon and off-Amazon marketing and is a fantastic resource for beginners to advanced sellers to freshen up on marketing skills.
    • The first training section, titled the “Hope Strategy” was especially useful to me as it describes how to break bad Amazon marketing habits and make decisions based on data.  This practice can right many wrongs for years to come for newer Amazon sellers.
  • Amazon SEO: This section describes strategies for having your products easily found on Amazon.  It provides detail on the Amazon Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and building a strong Amazon SEO strategy. 
  • Buyer-Seller Messaging Compliance: What does Amazon allow you to send to a buyer?  It’s less than you think.   This section will help you remain compliant with Amazon’s rules and regulations for buyer communication.  Take a spin through this regularly, as non-compliance with Amazon’s Guidelines can result in a 30 day or lifetime ban on communicating with buyers.  Don’t take this lightly, educate yourself on what is and is not allowed.
  • Getting Reviews: This section is a tremendous resource for increasing your review count.   Seller Labs provides tangible steps that you can take immediately to help drive up the review score.

Click here for the full list of Seller Labs resources.


Summary & Review Score




  • Seller Labs Scope comes with onpage keyword suggestions
  • Ignite’s PPC suggestions & automations
    • Sponsored Brand & Sponsored Display optimizing via Ignite also available
  • Extensive training and resource database
  • Feedback Genius has tailored emails campaigns for FBA Private Label & Retail/Online Arbitrage



  • Scope’s search volume fluctuates wildly, making it hard to trust
  • High pricing for sellers doing more than $50k a year in sales
  • Scope and Ignite only support US marketplace
  • Occasional dead links on site dashboard that go to 404 error pages
Seller Tool Name Seller Labs
Type Amazon all-in-one tool, including PPC and add-on for Photo/Listing Service
Company Location United States
CEO Hank Harris
Best For Sellers who want an all-in-one tool that can do photo/listing service as well
Price $97 and up depending on plan

FBA Global Score: 8.2 out of 10

 seller labs scope - coupon