Amazon seller tools are a hotly contested market.  The industry has been around for less than 10 years, and it’s astonishing how many businesses have been created to support sellers during that time. With so many tools on the market it’s easy to get overwhelmed when the time to buy comes. You can spend countless hours researching tools only to become more confused than when you started. In this Sellics review, we answer all questions relating to the software from what is Sellics all the way to Sellics’ Amazon features that no other tools have in 2021.

Sellics offers one of the superior products in this space.   In this Sellics review we’ll discuss its features, pricing and comparisons to others on the market. Most importantly, we’ll give you our FBA Global Summary & Review Score so you can make the decision of what tool to go with on your own.

Sellics is an all-in-one seller tool that is built for FBA sellers that range from small to grand clients like L’Oreal and Bosch.  The company has generated over $2.5 billion in ad revenue for their clients over the six years it’s been in business.  A truly staggering metric.

After using Sellics for my own Amazon FBA business, I want to share my candid review of the Sellics platform to help current and prospective FBA sellers decide if this is the right tool for them. 

Below is the FBA Global review of Sellics. Continue reading to understand the business stage that Sellics best suits, as well as the pricing structure.




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What is Sellics?

Sellics is an Amazon Seller tool that has been in business since 2014.  Headquartered in Berlin, Germany the company began as a keyword tracker and has evolved into an all-in-one FBA tool.  It features highly automated products that benefit your business in just about every possible arena.  

Sellics has two offerings: A Seller edition for sellers and a Vendor edition for vendors. Sellics is set up to support accounts with significant Amazon selling operations, as well as the everyday Amazon FBA sole proprietor.   Currently, Sellics is available in nine Amazon marketplaces: US, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, and India.

Note:  In addition to the Vendor edition, Sellics also has an Agency edition of their tool built for Marketing/Ad firms.  For the sake of this review, which is geared towards Amazon FBA sellers, we will not cover the Vendor or Marketing/Ad Firms editions.  If you are a vendor or agency and want more information on those editions, reach out to Sellics directly.

Key Features

  1. Benchmarker tool showing PPC ranking among competitors
  2. Keyword and Product Research
  3. Amazon PPC Automation and Management
  4. Competitor Research & Tracking
  5. SEO & listing optimization
  6. Review Automation
  7. Inventory Management
  8. Easy to use A/B testing suite
  9. Mobile App where you can track metrics

Sellics Benchmarker

As Sellics offers a Completely Free PPC Audit of your account, I wanted to discuss this separately before diving into the features of a Sellics Sellers account.

Do you really have any idea how your PPC campaigns are performing compared to your category’s competitors?  I had no idea before using this tool and it’s been eye-opening to drill down on the strong and week aspects of PPC campaigns.   Because of the value in this free tool, we’re going to walk through each step.

Using Sellics Benchmarker

Enter your information and connect your Amazon seller account to the Sellics Benchmarker and find out exactly where you stand among your competition.  Sellics analyses over 170,000 products equating to more than $2.5 billion in ad revenue to give you an accurate Benchmark of your PPC metrics. The data will take up to 6 hours to refresh before you receive an email from Sellics that your results are ready.

Sellics Benchmarker Summary


Sellics PPC benchmarker tool

As you can see, the tool starts with a summary of your PPC data.  This summary data is what you would see on any standard metric report, nothing special here.

The data underneath the summary is where you get access to campaign-changing information at zero cost.  Let’s explore it from top-to-bottom.


Ad Format

Ad Format shows distribution of ad spend by type.  It allows you to analyze the distribution of ad spend in Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand against the competition.

amazon ppc tool - sellics

Sponsored Products

See your score in ACoS, Cost per Click (CPC), Click-Through Rate (CTR) and Conversion Rate (CVR), as well as a total score for your campaigns.

amazon ppc tool - sellics benchmarker

In addition to the score and grades that are displayed, click on the expand + mark to see how to improve.  See below for the detailed description on how to improve a campaign’s ACoS.

amazon ppc tool - sellics benchmark

As an example, for this account, Sellics Benchmarker’s recommendations for lowering ACoS include adding negative keywords, optimizing bid prices, setting a high potential new target, and optimizing the listing to increase CVR %.


Sponsored Brands

You’ll be able to see the same score, grades, and drill-down information for your Sponsored Brands campaigns.

amazon ppc tool - sellics benchmarker

Product Analysis

Product Analysis shows detailed analysis of the four Key PPC metrics against specific ASINs.  See if you are in the top 20% (green), bottom 20% (red) or middle 60% (yellow).

This is a valuable tool because you can use the information to optimize spots where you’re trailing the competition. 

  • If your conversion rate is low, it’s time to clean up your listing.  Analyze the bullet points to see if your copy is truly explaining the key benefits of your product.
  • If your Click-Through Rate is lagging, time for a main image enhancement.  Perhaps you should start with an A/B test of the main photo against one with another angle of the product.

One note here, at the time of this review, both Sponsored Display and Trend Analysis will be available soon but are not currently available. 

Now that we’ve reviewed the Sellics Benchmarker, we’re ready to dive into the Sellics platform.  Let’s summarize the key features with Sellics.


Sellics Main Dashboard

Sellics’ main tool and user experience got a facelift in 2021.  To keep up with the changes in the Amazon Advertising Platform, Sellics updated its view.

User Interface

When you sign in to your Sellics Dashboard there are four main modules: Amazon Advertising, Profit, Content & SEO and Reviews & Questions.

sellics review - user dashboard

When you sign into Sellics you’re taken immediately to the main home page. Within this dashboard you have access to the four modules both vertically and horizontally, with different sub-categories available for each.  Through this easy-to-use dashboard, it’s clear Sellics prioritizes user experience.  Some all-in-one Amazon tools have landing pages that are over-crowded.  This makes for both a negative user experience and negative overall feel of the platform.  Sellics checks the boxes here with flying colors.


The most beneficial module to me is the Sellics Amazon Advertising tool.  Sellics has a separate function for Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display, making it easy to eliminate by ad type.  Within each of these Sellics Advertising functions, you’re able to select a set up. 

sellics review - amazon ppc tools

You can either select “Best Practices” or “Do It Yourself.”  In the Best Practices approach, your campaigns are produced and optimized from Sellics templates.   This helps save time and leverages experience from Amazon PPC experts.  The Do-It-Yourself approach is available for more advanced users who want greater control over their PPC campaigns.


This tab resembles other Amazon PPC functions and allows for the adjustment of bids.  It also lets you filter the data, including Sellics’ pre-populated “Smart Filters.”  These Smart Filters will save you time in finding high ACoS, low converting targets within your campaigns.  From within your Sellics Optimization tab you can:

  • Change Campaign status
  • Change budgets
  • Edit placement modifiers
  • Update bid prices
  • Pause targets
  • Add negative keywords/targets
  • Begin ad scheduling

Sellics PPC Optimization gives you the option of focusing on: Maximizing Revenue, Optimizing ACoS, or a Dual-Strategy blended approach.


Sellics PPC Automate lets you set up rules to act on your PPC targets without any human interaction.  This is an incredibly useful features and one of  a kind in the Amazon seller tools.  If you have a large Amazon catalog, do yourself a favor and go for the Sellics automation feature.

This function presents an a-la carte ability to choose which campaigns, ad groups, targets and parameters are used to automate the PPC decisions.

Several of the most valuable features include having the Bid Price and Keyword Rule tools activated.  The Keyword Rule uses automated keyword harvesting to find new keywords for your campaigns.  It will also add new negatives based on non-performing keywords found in your market. Bid price will adjust your bid price up or down based on the performance of the keyword.

Using the full “AI Automation” tool is the most robust and hands-off PPC automation for sellers who want to set and forget their campaigns.  That said, the AI Automation reporting and change logs provide the user full transparency into the impact of  their campaigns.  Once this feature is set, track as often or little as you desire while resting assured that you have world-class data on your side. 

One additional tool of Sellics Amazon Advertising module is the placement modifier.  This allows you to increase the bid price for ad placements that are performing better than others up to 900%.

Content & SEO

Next up on Sellics functions and capabilities is the Content & SEO module.  This module allows you to perform product and keyword research as well as optimize your listings and track competitors.

sellics review - amazon ppc campaign management tool

To help you manage your content and SEO, Sellics provides the following five features:

  • Keyword Research
  • Listing Optimization
  • Organic Rankings
  • Content Monitoring
  • Alerts

Keyword Research

Through Keyword Research, you’ll be able to craft complex keyword lists that target keywords with demand.  Within this tool, you have the ability to search keywords related to your products and Sellics will suggest related keywords and their ranking by search volume. This data is updated monthly and changes based on changes in the market.

sellics review - keyword research tool amazon

You can also find the keywords your competitiors are ranking for by running a Reverse ASIN search.  This allows you to look behind the scenes of an Amazon listing and craft content to beat competitiors and improve your own search-terms list.


Listing Optimization

Listing Optimization allows the utilization of filters to refine your content.  Set filters based on Product ASINs, Brand, Category and Marketplace to get an immediate snapshot of how well your listing is optimized.  The snapshot will show which parts of your listing fall into the following categories.

  • Red = Bad
  • Yellow = Average
  • Green = Good

Once you have this analysis, you can build  your content strategy with criteria based on your keywords and selling points.

One you complete Listing Optimization, you’ll proceed to the Sellics Recommendations screen where the tool sets targeted criteria.

Next, you can Edit your Content:

For each listing, ensure you have entered the following in one consolidated place:

  • Whether listing has A+ Content
  • Overall coefficient: how well is your product content optimized based on Sellics guidelines regarding title length, number of bullet points, number of images, length of product description, videos.
  • Length of the product title
  • Bullet points available
  • Number of images
  • Product description
  • Amount of content updates (by date)

Organic Ranking

In this tool, you can access the average ran of your product based on a specified date range. This tool is available for all products with keywords input, so ensure you’ve completed that step before using Organic Ranking

With Organic Ranking, you’ll be able to identify how your product ranks for each keyword on the list.   You’ll also see a graph of how the rank has changed over time.

You can add keywords to compare by using the Add Comparison tab. 

Use this tool to see how your products rank for the keywords all the way to the 150th position.

Content Monitoring

This tool enables you to track every change made to your listings and whether it was initiated by the seller or Amazon’s own back end team. This tool is refreshed every 24 hours to ensure the content matches what’s live on your Amazon product listing.

If a content element has a checkmark, your content has not been changed by Amazon.  If there is a Red “X”, this means Amazon has changed your content without your knowledge or notification.

Content Monitoring enables you to  benefit from knowing the following status of your products when the Sellics monitoring tool is applied:  Monitored, In Progress and Accepted.

  • Monitored: You see all the products you have uploaded to Sellics and can immediately see if you have content that is different on Amazon.
  • In Progress: Products will be moved to this status when you accept “Sellics content” and wait for the changes to be implemented on Amazon.
  • Accepted: When you accept the changes on Amazon.

Content Monitoring will enable you to make changes in bulk or keep the content Amazon has suggested and automatically update your listings.


The alerts section allows you to set up email notifications for any time changes are made to the content. 

Reviews and Questions

Sellics’ Reviews & Questions module provides you with the ability to manage your customer relations in one place.  It also gives advanced analytics on the customer voice.  As of 2021, sellers no longer able to respond to sellers’ comments directly. No sweat, this section still has plenty of valuable uses. The key features include:

  • Manage Customer Feedback:  Protect your rating and work to control your brand’s reputation on Amazon.
  • Response timeliness to customer questions

Step 1: Upload your ASINs

When you go to the Manage Products section, you have the choice to add the product manually by ASIN or import a bulk list via an Excel file.  Reviews and questions will begin populating within 24 hours.  You’ll receive a link for  a complete guide on the best way to upload your products.  Sellics will continue pulling new reviews and queries automatically on a daily basis.

Step 2: Leverage  Advanced Filters

Whether you manage 100 or 10,000 ASINs, it’s important to filter your reviews and queries to identify  what matters most.  As an example, in the event that you merely need to observe the negative reviews associated with a single brand to identify areas for improvement, you can easily filter by the name and for reviews with only 1, 2, or even 3 stars.

Step 3: Response to Questions

Sellics allows you to respond directly to questions on Amazon.  When you click for the first time on the “Open on Amazon” button, you’ll be redirected to this question on Amazon, where you can enter your answer.  Reminder: It’s a very common mistake to log in with your personal Amazon login rather than your brand’s login.   If you accidentally make this mistake, please review your login info and log in with your brand’s credentials. 

Step 4: Leverage  Sellics Workflow

When working on testimonials and questions management, it’s critical to be aware of what has to be performed, what is currently being worked on, and what has been concluded. 

New:  This folder will include all of the new reviews or questions that need to be addressed that you have received for the time period selected.  Keep in mind that the number of “New” reviews may vary depending on when you apply filters. 

In Progress: In this folder, you can set your review or query to the “Work in Progress” status if you want to save it for later. 

Done: This folder enables you to set reviews or questions that do not warrant additional action to “Done” to signify completion. 

Watchlist: If there are reviews or queries to which you have responded and would love to revisit at a  subsequent date, Sellics provides a “Watchlist.”  A potential use case for this watch list is when a review is disappointing and you are expecting the client to either revise or edit their review once you’ve followed up with the customer to dealt with their dissatisfaction.  Use the button selection under every review or query to change its position and move it around the workflow.

Remember, you can deal with your “Watchlist” by clicking the folder in the workflow outline.  Here you will discover what is currently on “Watch” and a log of all replies to the questions.  By clicking on the export button, you’ll have the ability to download your reviews and queries to an Excel sheet.  Keep in mind that in case you have an active filter, your export document will reflect that filter, as well.  Therefore, if you are filtering your reviews by a particular brand and 1 and 2 star score, you may only export the negative reviews for that brand.

Step 5: Client Voice Analytics

From the Analytics tab you can access several data sources on your own client voice.  On the top of the dashboard, a chart details the various review ratings your products have received over time.  This chart is highly customizable.   It’s also possible to apply product ASIN, label, brand, group, and market filters to refine the graph’s data.  At the base of this Analytics dashboard, you can access a table that outlines each one of your ASINs using a count of your reviews, questions and an ordinary star rating.  Remember to select a longer time frame to visualize a more comprehensive summary. 

Step 6: Set Up Alerts

Sellics allows you to create different alerts so you can be  be notified when new reviews or queries arrive.  Alerts are also highly customizable.   It’s easy to install automated email notifications for specific star ratings (for example, only negative reviews), for different marketplaces, and for certain tags.  Sellics also allows you to select the frequency of those alarms.  When you choose weekly or monthly, you’ll tell Sellics the day of the month you would like to receive your alert.  Remember that email alerts are user specific, which means each user has to set their own alarms. 

Advanced Settings.   Often, there are various individuals managing reviews and queries of unique brands or products.  Sellics allows you to display specific products/brands only for certain user accounts, in order that the users will only have access to and optimize what’s relevant to them.

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Sales & Profits

Even through the Amazon Advertising module appears first in Sales & Profits, we’re going to start with the Profits sections.  That’s what this is all about at the end of the day 😉

sellics review and coupon code

As soon as you land on the Profit Module you will see key metrics that are very easy to digest.  The overview allows you to set the date range and region. 

On the left is the  profit breakdown, on a cost-by-cost level.  This metric shows your total sales, total costs and net profit for any time period you select.

Key Metrics and Trends on the right side of the page allows you to summarize and compare your  business’s data to past periods. You also have access to key profit metrics on a SKU level and are able to better understand what’s contributing to your wasted spend..

Overall, this is a great module to ensure you’re tracking your accurate sales costs.  The costs appear front and center, so you’re really never left guessing where things are or where your business stands.

Mobile App

Track your Amazon FBA business on the go with the Sellics Mobile App.

Mobile apps have been (and still are) a sore spot in the Amazon Seller world.  There are not any truly valuable apps among the laundry list of Seller tools.  Much of this can fall to two reasons:

  • Comprehensive data that doesn’t format well to mobile
  • Rapidly changing/updating software due to the reactivity to Amazon’s catalog

That said, the Sellics mobile app is truly usable.  It’s not highly functional in terms of making updates or generating reports, but it is easily navigated and you can see many of the key data points you find on the web app on mobile.

Free Tools & Training Resources

In addition to the Benchmarker Tool, Sellics offers several free tools you don’t need a subscription for.

Free Tools

  1. Benchmarker
  2. Sonar Keyword Research Tool
  3. Grade Your PPC

Training Resources

Sellics Academy is a free Amazon course for sellers and vendors.

sellics review - seller academy

Sellics Pricing

Several software options are offered. There is a Free Trial for the paid plans, as well as free utilization of the Sellics Benchmarker Tool. Sellics has both a-la-carte offerings of the Key Feature Modules and offerings of two Advertising Plans.

Standalone Modules

  • SEO Management: $49/month
  • Reviews Management: $49/month
  • Profit Management: $49/month

Sellics pricing 2021


All in One:

Sellics Everyday Essentials: $99/month

sellics pricing 2021

Advertising/PPC Management

  • Advertising Pro: $99/month
  • Advertising Expert: $399/month

sellics pricing 2021


Free Trial

Sellics offers a 14 Day Free Trial of their platform.  We highly recommend that you take advantage of this before signing up!

As a reminder, the Sellics Benchmarker tool is COMPLETELY FREE; no Sellics subscription is needed to use.  This tool gives you competitor data on PPC Campaigns and allows you to understand where you stack up.

Summary & Review Score

Sellics all-in-one Amazon Seller tool, which includes PPC in its suite of software, is an incredible value for a service that starts at $57 a month.  In addition to the PPC functions, Sellics can manage your inventory and assess the profitability of all your products. Plus, you can monitor your reviews and perform keyword research.  FBA Global highly recommends that you investigate the value and utility of this Seller tool for your FBA business.


  • Free Benchmarker Tool:  Free tool showing you how you stack up against competition.  Supplies a 14-day free trial no credit card needed. 
  • A comprehensive tool.   All metrics in one place
  • PPC Automation is effective and easy to set up
  • Contains keyword research.  This permits you to optimize your listings.  It also helps you to identify new products and enhance your sales. 
  • Notifies you when you receive negative reviews.   This permits you to address these reviews instantly to protect your seller account. 
  • View your stats in real-time and rate your profitability on the move 
  • Responsive customer support via email or chat
  • Available in 9 geographic marketplaces
  • Download reports in the NEW Profits Dashboard in a convenient CSV format 


  • Data only goes back 60 days, which may be limiting particularly for vendors with seasonal products.
  • Pricing is dependent on your sales turnover which can be somewhat confusing
  • Several older features are no longer offered, including Niche Analyzer, and Product Detector along with the Magic Tool.

Seller Tool Name Sellics
Type All-in-one seller tool
Company Location Berlin, Germany
CEO Franz Jordan
Best For Sellers who want to consolidate data & automate PPC
Price $57 and up depending on account size

FBA Global Review Score: 8.8 out of 10

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