Teikametrics is an AI-powered Amazon PPC campaign management software tool that allows you to manage, optimize and track PPC advertisements. It’s built for entrepreneurs, advertisers and agencies to drive highly profitable online growth and high brand recognition. It includes step-by-step guides and tutorials so you can quickly integrate the tools and systems Teikametrics provides into your own online marketing campaign.  With the recent addition of Walmart to the Teikametrics platform, Amazon sellers looking to begin selling on Walmart can now integrate PPC management for both channels in one place.  

As a PPC management tool, Teikametrics stands out for its ease of use. The software has an intuitive interface that allows new Amazon sellers as well as seasoned marketing agency professionals to quickly and easily acclimate and start running campaigns. One aspect that sets Teikametrics apart from other PPC management software is its visual interface. You can navigate through the various tools and options at a glance, making it very clear what your options are.  Also, it allows you to set up an unlimited number of ad groups, so you can manage your advertising effectively.  The software is completely customizable, which makes it a worthy option for users looking for a simpler approach to PPC management.


What is Teikametrics?teikametrics

Teikametrics (commonly abbreviated as TK) uses advanced AI algorithms and a unique technology called ClickSurveillance to help users run and optimize their online business on Investors include Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the Salesforce Ventures Fund and Lightspeed Ventures.

The company helps sellers and brand owners grow their businesses via Amazon selling platforms.  Teikametrics’ software claims to be able to boost your profits and provide detailed insights on where to spend in order to drive sales and traffic. The company’s high user review scores have helped it grow and thrive.  At the end of 2020 Teikametrics managed more than $8 billion in sales per year. 

Teikametrics currently has three service offerings:

  1. Flywheel: this includes the all-in-one platform
  2. PPC Management
  3. Premium Ad Management


In this review, we’ll focus on the Flywheel offering, as an all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers.

If you’d like information on Amazon PPC Management or Premium Ad Management, head over to  our Amazon PPC Managed Services article where we discuss Teikametrics management services in greater detail.

Teikametrics User Experience

The interface for Teikametrics is very similar to most other PPC management software on the market. Features include daily and monthly campaign summaries, ad grouping options, and split testing and integration with Amazon’s own tools and data sources. In addition, there’s an automated campaign manager that allows you to manage and monitor multiple campaigns from one location. Additionally, if you choose to go the Teikametrics PPC Management route, you’ll gain access to their full suite of SEO and social media optimization tools and services.

To begin, create a new account with your email and password and then add your product listings. The dashboard, as illustrated below, is easy to navigate, but the design is a bit bland. You can easily drill down into several charts, reports, and visualizations. If you prefer less configurability, you can adjust settings to accomplish that.

teikametrics review

Teikametrics Flywheel

The Flywheel is not only Teikametrics main product offering, but also an important concept in understanding its software.  Teikametrics comes with a clear perspective on how to drive brand growth on Amazon with powerful AI systems. The software’s ‘Flywheel’ algorithm uses enhanced machine learning to analyze all of your Amazon data and provide tailored recommendations on how to best utilize the data to drive sales. 

Through the Flywheel, Teikametrics comes with a dashboard that allows users to organize their Amazon PPC Management.  You receive overall campaign data including total sales, ad vs organic revenue, total ad spend, 56 day ACoS data and total wasted ad spend.   Easily compare the metrics of one tool with another in this view.  This ppc tools gives you the ability drill down all the way to spend, impressions, clicks, cost per click, click-through rate conversions and conversions rate.

teikametrics review - flywheel 2.0

In 2021, Teikametrics released Flywheel 2.0, which connects your data and applies AI to optimize for sales and profitability. As sales grow, naturally your organic rank and traffic will, as well.  This allows Flywheel 2.0’s AI to fully optimize your business.  This feedback loop creates sustainability momentum and helps drive your business to long-term profitability.

Teikametrics PPC Features

Alright, time to get to the nitty gritty.  Teikametrics Advertising Optimizer is the bread and butter of the service through Flywheel. This tool helps Amazon sellers to optimize their sponsored product campaigns seamlessly and stay on top of their game with more insight than other platforms.

The Advertising Optimizer includes the following PPC features:

  1. Automation
  2. Goal Based Campaign Creation
  3. AI Powered Keyword Bidding
  4. Automated Keyword Actions
  5. Custom Advertising Reports


1.  Automation

Teikametrics auto-pilot function allows your campaigns to run automatically.  As compared to managing campaigns within the Amazon Advertising platform, this function is much easier when performed on the Teikametrics platform.   Flywheel’s default keyword automation settings are shown below.


amazon ppc management - teikametrics

A unique feature in Teikametrics automation is the placement modifier that will adjust the bid per ad placement based on where your products are performing best. 

How do I know what the automation is doing?

The tool comes with a change history log that has a specific “Keywords from Auto” section where changes from the auto campaign are displayed.


amazon ppc management - teikametrics

Key points:

  • Save hours every week by not having to manually adjust bids
  • Set the controls and the Teikametrics algorithms’ self-learning will do the rest
  • The Instant Linking and Taking Keyword settings help move successful keywords to their own Ad Group for focus


 2. Goal Based Campaign Creation

Create campaigns with your business goals and then move to a product level with Teikametrics Campaign Creation.

Teikametrics AI will help design the targets for both new and existing campaigns.  Based on the advertising goals you’ve set, create campaigns that target the exact metrics you’d like.  Key Points:

  • Create campaigns with product goals including launch strategies and profitability targets
  • Target a segment of new buyers with specific keywords so you can track what actions are working best


 3. AI Powered Keyword Bidding

Teikametrics has incorporated a self-learning model where it will automatically leverage your profit margins, business cycle stage, conversion rates, sales and price changes to make and suggest keyword bids.  Key points:

  • No need to set and adjust bids manually
  • Value-based bidding system optimizes around break-even cost-per-click (CPC) to ensure your campaigns aren’t spending more than they should


 4. Automated Keyword Actions

The suggested actions tool removes the need to manually go into to your campaigns and analyze changes on a keyword-by-keyword basis.  The tool will suggest its AI-back keyword and product target actions, which can be acted on with one click of the button.  You can either accept the action, ignore the request so it goes away, or leave to make the decision at a later time. Key points:

  • Add/remove keywords and product targets with one click
  • Refine keyword type to improve margins


 5. Custom Advertising Reports

This feature allows you to analyze your advertising platforms in new ways. With the custom reports received, you’ll obtain a granular view of product-level profitability.  This level of detail gives you the ability to make smart business decisions on which products to focus on, bring into your catalog and close.  Key points:

  • See true product margin
  • Export function if you’d like to organize and/or manipulate the reports in your own way


Non PPC Features of Teikametrics Service

Inventory Optimization

The inventory dashboard provides you with an overview of 5 key inventory management metrics.  Metrics include:

  • Inventory Value
  • Total Sales
  • Estimate Margin
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Sell-Through Rate


amazon ppc management - teikametrics

Access to Additional Funding

A unique feature of Teikametrics is that it offers FBA loan advances for Amazon (and Walmart) sellers seeking financing.  This ‘preferred’ financing offers cash advances on pending marketplace earnings.

How it Works

  • One-time fixed interest rates as low as 3.5%
  • Payback period is typically 3-4 months


Whether you need cash for advertising or to purchase inventory, being able to obtain funding for your Amazon business and at the same time help grow your business is a nice option for Amazon sellers.

This is the only service provider in the Amazon Seller software space we’ve observed that offers Funding as an option.


Teikametrics offers a 30-Day Free Trial.

Teikametrics pricing is more expensive than other Amazon PPC management tools we’ve reviewed.  The software has three different pricing options: Flywheel, Ad Management and Premium Ad Management.    

teikametrics pricing - amazon ppc management tool

Flywheel Pricing (basic package): $59 per month + 3% of Total Ad Spend

  • NOTE: the 3% of Ad Spend begins on amounts over the first $5,000 spent
  • The other pricing options, Ad Management and Premium Ad Management include more service packages


Teikametrics pricing is based on a commission structure, where you pay more as you use more PPC services.  Let’s estimate what each tier of Ad Spend would cost per month.

Pricing Based on the Following Ad Spend:

$5k per Month: $59

$10k per Month: $209

$25k per Month: $659

$50k per Month: $1,409


Summary and Review Score

Although not as well-known as Helium 10 or Sellics, Teikametrics has earned a solid reputation as a company that’s been able to grow quickly and gain a solid portion of the Amazon seller market’s business. This can be attributed to Teikametrics being a PPC-focused tool that also has all-in-one features.

Teikametrics offers a well-designed inventory management and retail optimization solution. It’s highly customizable and includes special functionality in areas like buying patterns, assortment optimization, search engine optimization and social media optimization.  While the system’s offline inventory management is a major plus, it falls behind the competition in the price category, which may be an issue for Amazon sellers.   We’ve also encountered a few issues with customer service being slow to respond or simply saying the issue is pending the next system update.

Overall, Teikametrics does come with a few drawbacks, such as the inability to automate the campaign manager.  Still, it’s highly effective and delivers results predictably.  If used effectively, it can help boost the performance of your online business, helping increase your traffic, profits and brand recognition. And since the software is easy to use, even beginners can manage their own campaigns for maximum benefits. It’s definitely worth considering for any business or individual looking to manage their own online marketing campaigns.

That said, we recommend early Amazon FBA sellers use PPC Entourage before they move to a tool like Teikametrics.


  • PPC Focused Tool with Additional All-in-one features
  • Goal-based PPC Campaigns
  • Automated keyword bidding and targeting
  • Unique reporting that is easy to digest
  • Analyzes data from a new perspective
  • Supports eight Amazon Marketplaces
  • Amazon and Walmart cross-channel optimization
  • 30 Day Free Trial



  • Expensive for smaller sellers, 3% of Ad Spend adds up quickly
  • Data may be hard to interpret for those new to Amazon PPC
  • Does not currently support Amazon DSP or Video Ads


Seller Tool Name Teikametrics
Type Amazon PPC Campaign Management Software
Company Location United States
CEO Alasdair McLean-Foremen
Best For Larger sellers looking to scale their business
Price $59 per month plus 3% of Ad Spend over $5k

FBA Global Review Score: 7.5 out of 10