So, you want to win the Amazon Buy Box but don’t want to spend all day watching the Amazon price catalog. This tool will manage repricing in real-time, as well as margin plus competitor price tracking.  In this xSellco Repricer review, we discuss whether this is the best Amazon repricer.

Amazon creates over $230 billion in sales every year. Over 82% of those sales go to sellers who are in the Buy Box. As an Amazon seller, the question is no longer about whether you must utilize an Amazon repricer tool, but which Amazon repricing tool finest suits your business. Having a repricer helps companies increase sales and profits immediately.  Here’s why.

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What is xSellco repricer?

xSellco’s repricer unlocks an effective way to win the buy box without any human intervention.  This repricing tool doesn’t just reprice to win the lowest price, it also monitors your market prices based on your sales strategy to ensure you are maximizing price.    Based on xSellco’s internal data, made public, customers average profit increases of over 100% after implementing this repricer for 9 months or more.  THAT IS A VALUE ADD!

Let’s take a look into how xSellco’s repricer can help you.

How does xSellco’s Repricer work?

  1. Competitor’s change price or run out of inventory
  2. Software s connected to Amazon’s API and sees change
  3. Repricer calculates real-time price
  4. Repricer cross-checks your min and max price set
  5. Software alerts Amazon of update in price
  6. New price is updated on Amazon

Here is a quick overview of xSellco Amazon FBA repricer and what it can do for your organization. When it concerns winning the buy box, xSellco Repricer makes it easy to automatically change prices in as low as 90 seconds, helping you right away get the buy box. xSellco’s repricer is one of the fastest Amazon repricing software on the marketplace.

So how does the repricer actually work? The repricer monitors (spies) on the 10 competitors your business is in competition with on Amazon (as well as eBay’s) marketplace.  The software runs on Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) and is able to tell the second any of your competitor’s price changes or their inventory goes out of stock.  The repricing is simple in nature, but the ability to have this repricing automated in real-times is where the true benefit comes in.

How Does Repricing Help Your Amazon Business?

Amazon Sellers can instantly adjust the cost in real-time and at the fastest speed possible. xSellco’s smart prices assists organizations maximize their sales by ensuring they win the buy box quicker than competitors.

The minute one of your competitors reprices their product or goes out of stock, xSellco’s repricer immediately uses the best amazon repricing methods to make certain you remain one step ahead of the competition.

Remember, winning the buy box requires more than just having the lowest rate. Amazon’s algorithm looks at the total customer experience such as consumer feedback, support, and satisfaction rates.

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xSellco Repricer Features

Time is money in your business. eDesk by xSellco supplies you support across several channels to streamline your customer care needs.

With eDesk, all your consumer tickets from all your markets and even social channels appear in one place showed on a basic control panel.

Below are the main Repricer features:

24/7 follow upComprehensive analyticsReal-time repricing
7 pre-defined strategiesCurrent priceSpecific FBA vs FBM Rules
Amazon Buy Box PredictorIntegrationsScheduler
ASINLast sale informationSearch filters and multiple sort options
Assigned repricing rulesMinimal/Maximal PriceSimple to utilize interface
Automated A.I. repliesMultiple channelsStock levels
Automated Amazon repricing strategyNet margin repricingTargeting individual rival sellers
Automated price adjustment in a competitive environmentNet-margin repricingTechnical support
Buy Box statusPrice replicatorTime-specific rules
Competing sellers’ locationsPrice SchedulerTriple Check safeguards

Buy Box predictor?

Determine products with a high and low possibility of winning the Buy Box and act.

Actionable control panels

The repricer control panel will inform you the number of times you priced up and down each day and how many often you won or maintained the Buy Box.

How xSellco Amazon Repricing Works

Amazon repricing is a procedure that helps FBA sellers win the buy box by ensuring they are constantly costing a competitive rate.

Here is how xSellco’s Amazon repricing works to support your eCommerce business.

7 Steps to Explain Repricing

  1. You or your rival makes a price change
  2. Amazon alerts your integrated repricer of the modification
  3. Your repricer determines the new cost
  4. Background safety checks are carried out to safeguard minimum and optimum prices
  5. Your repricer informs Amazon of the rate change
  6. Amazon’s Pricing Error System checks the brand-new cost
  7. The new rate is updated on Amazon

xSellco Repricer Pricing

xsellco repricer pricing

xSellco uses annual and month-to-month subscription plans for its repricing software application.

You can save over 25% on all plans when you pay annually.

Each of the prices listed below are for the returning rate for each package.

The four subscription plans are the Basic package, Plus package, Ultimate bundle, and Extreme plan.

Customer Support

xSellco offers email and phone customer support that is very responsive.

Summary & Review Score


  1. Speed: Reprice faster than your competitors with immediate repricing. xSellco Repricer responds immediately to rival rate modifications, so you can beat them to the Buy Box.
  2. Spy on rivals: Spy on your top 10 rivals and see which items competitors are beating you on, the seller’s satisfaction methods and the average asking price.
  3. Buy Box wins: You can see which competitor is beating you the Buy Box and take action to increase sales.
  4. Stock Levels: You can establish the Repricer in minutes. Reprice some or all of your stock with complex or basic guidelines and easily target picked competitors.


  1. Stock: If something goes out of stock, when stock is added, you practically need to start over.
  2. Pricing Package: Have to spend for the ultimate plan to take advantage of the Scheduler functionality, which seems to be among the primary advantages to Amazon’s own complimentary offering.
  3. Learning curve: It takes some time to understand initially, especially once you enter into multiple currencies, similar to anything you have to LEARN how to do it.
  4. Promos: You can’t just manage cost with promos. It will be more exact to set the routine rate with a discount.
Seller Tool NamexSellco Repricer
TypeAmazon Repricing Software
Company LocationDublin, Ireland
CEORay Nolan
Best ForAmazon (& eBay) Sellers looking for Amazon Repricing
Price$79 and up depending on number of campaigns

FBA Global Review Score: 8.5 out of 10

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